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Medicana Istanbul Hospital - Medicana Istanbul hair transplant

Medicana Istanbul Hospital is one of the well-respected health centers not only in Turkey but also in Europe. With its advanced infrastructure and modern architectural build Medicana Istanbul hospital continues to provide the most well-rounded health care concepts and services in Istanbul whilst offering a new and improved understanding of health care.

With its patient-centric service approach, Medicana Istanbul provides exceptional health care to not only Anatolian side but also at all of its manly locations throughout Istanbul. At medicana istanbul hospital in order to provide the upmost comfort for our patients and the relatives plus employees we pay attention to every detail needed.

All spaces are designed to meet all of the needs and standards of our patients including waiting rooms, lobby areas, patient and physician rooms and many more. Every detail has been taken into consideration in order to meet every need before, during and after the patient’s operation and treatment processes. With its advanced laboratories, high end technological operating rooms and intensive care units Medicana Istanbul provides the best services possible.

Medicana Istanbul Hospital Patient Rooms

Medicana Istanbul Hospital Patient Rooms

At Medicana Istanbul there are 2 types of rooms our patients can choose from;

  • Standard Room

The Standard room meets all the basic needs of patient and their relatives, has the basic services such as a TV, WIFI and daily newspaper service.

  • Suite Room

Apart from the patients room the Suite room includes a waiting room where the patients’ relatives can rest, a private bathroom for the luxury experience. It includes minibar and the basics such as a TV, WIFI and daily newspaper service.

Services Offered at Medicana Istanbul Hospital

Medicana Istanbul Hospital has a parking lot which does include the valet service and a cafeteria. In addition, special services are offered according to the requests of the patients.

Medicana Istanbul Hair Transplantation Center

Medicana Istanbul with its high-quality services, stands out amongst its competitors in the hair implant industry. We are focused on providing a high-end experience while focusing on our clients needs and comfort.

Medicana Istanbul with its successful operations leads the studies in the field of health tourism in our country. Us, Istanbul Vita hair transplant center has become one of the well-respected centers in the hair transplantation industry internationally.

What is Hair Transplantation?

According to the different needs of people, the treatment methods and types may vary. It is a treatment method offered as a solution to hair loss of any kind at any degrees. Hair transplant takes place in the form of transplantation of the hair follicles on the nape or from many parts of the body in order to be planted onto the places where sparseness occurs. This procedure, which is performed by specialists in the operating room under sterile conditions, can take about 6-8 hours depending on the size of the area to be transplanted. After the operation, the person is advised to rest at home for a few days.

At Medicana Istanbul, the most modern and common hair transplant techniques FUE, Sapphire FUE (Sapphire Percutaneous) and DHI hair transplantation techniques are applied.

Our Doctors at Medicana Istanbul

Hair transplant operations are managed by Istanbul Vita Hair Transplant Center. Operations are done by Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin and Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı and their team.

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin is one of the leading names among doctors who follow the current developments in the field of medicine and perform surgeries using Sapphire Percutaneous technology, which is the best and the most preferred hair transplant technique in Turkey. She is a hair transplant specialist who has been operating for many years with 6 years of experience. Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin completed her studies at Sakarya University, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in 2013. She participated in many trainings and international program courses in the field of hair transplantation in Europe and the world. She has perfected herself in the field of Medical Tourism by attending numerous conferences and seminars, especially in the USA, Germany, France and other countries that are the pioneers of the industry. Thanks to years of experience, Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin helps people achieve a natural and near perfect results by applying appropriate professional treatment to the patient.

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin Linkedin

Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı

One of our Istanbul Vita doctors who has made a name for himself with hair transplant procedures in Turkey, Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı has made a name for himself with his successful operations. Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı completed his studies in the medical field at Kocaeli University in 2015, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine. He has perfected himself in the field of Medical Tourism by attending numerous conferences and seminars, especially in the USA, Germany, France and other countries that are the pioneers of the industry. He made significant contributions to the growth of hair transplantation industry in Turkey by training many hair transplant specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Our doctor, who thinks highly of the importance of the natural look in hair transplant processes, constantly carries his motivation in the sector, receiving positive feedback from his patients.

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How to choose the best hair transplant center in Istanbul? – Medicana Istanbul

In recent years, Turkey has been preferred by many around the world for hair transplant. Istanbul is  a city full of wonders and has many diverse qualities. In addition to Istanbul having a astonishing history, culture it has many places to visit which attracts many globally as a touristic attraction. The fact that there are direct flights to Istanbul from almost everywhere and every capital around the world makes this city accessible to everyone everywhere. The cultural, historical, social and hospitality of our culture offered by the city also play an important role in its popularity globally.

Developments in the field of hair transplantation generally initiate from Istanbul and spread across the world which results in Istanbul leading the hair transplant industry.

In order for the operation to result with a natural and unnoticeable appearance, modern techniques and quality equipment should be preferred. The fact that hair transplant centers in Istanbul have modern technical equipment and infrastructure has resulted in Istanbul leading the industry and being the most proffered internationally.

Recently, people from many places such as Europe, Middle East and Asia has been choosing Istanbul for hair transplant because of many factors like sterile environment, high success rate and affordable cost.

There are many different types of hair transplantation. In istanbul various clinics offer this procedure so this can make it difficult for people to choose between the hair transplant Turkey centers. In order to not regret your decision and to have natural looking healthy hair, you must be careful in choosing the hospital where you will undergo a hair transplant treatment.

You should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a hair transplant center in Istanbul:

  • Do not make the final decision without a face-to-face meeting with the clinic.
  • Review the previous operations performed by the hair transplant center.
  • Be sure to research the subject of hair transplant and the clinic you choose.
  • Prefer places that use custom and single-use medical equipment and research the quality of the medical equipment used.
  • Research the treatment plan specially prepared for you and ask your doctor without hesitation about the questions on your mind.
  • Make sure that your hair transplant will be performed by a team of specialists and in the environment of the operating room.

Another issue to consider when choosing a hair transplant center is the support provided before and after the operation.

Medicana Istanbul; It has made a difference in both hair transplantation, beard and mustache transplantation with its patient-oriented service approach, specialist doctors and staff who care for you throughout the process. As Medicana Istanbul, we welcome you, our valued customers, to our hair transplant clinics that have the most advanced to date technology and expert doctors.

Medicana Istanbul Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost vary from person to person, depending on the density of the donor area and the technique to be applied. To find out the price of hair transplant in Medicana Istanbul, you can fill in your name and phone information on our form page and get information from the expert team of Istanbul Vita Hair Transplant Center.

The cost of the hair transplant cost may vary depending on the cases severeness while depending on the donor areas availability for the procedure and the technique needed to be used for the best results. For further information about the cost and about hair transplantation procedure you can fill in our form by putting in your name and contact information. Our expert team at Istanbul Vita Hair Transplant Center will contact you shortly.