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How to do hair transplant Turkey in Istanbul? Hair transplant cost

People all around the world chose turkey as their first option for hair transplantation. Hair transplants being 40% cheaper and more affordable compared to other countries plays a huge role in this situation.

Istanbul is the most preferred city around the world for hair transplantation. We can say that the people who live in this wonderful city are pretty lucky. Our doctors in Istanbul help their customers get quick and great results with their experience. During this process having a doctor who is professional and experienced in their field by your side is crucial.

With its 15 years of experience and experienced team, İstanbul Vita was nominated and won the award for the best hair transplant center in 2021. İstanbul vita provides a service special to each individual according to their needs and demands which has caught everyone's attention worldwide. After the procedure, Istanbul vita keeps in contact with its clients for a year or more to answer their concerns and help with the process.

We have demonstrated our expertise in the market in 2022 by being selected as the Best hair Transplant Clinıc of the Year. We owe this success to our incredible clients and the trust they put in us. As a result of our customers' satisfactıon wıth our work and the utmost care and responsibility we put in ıt, we stand as the top notch clinic ın Istanbul for hair transplants.

Our hair transplant center, with its different high-end approach to its customers, has differentiated itself from other centers. Modern and recent techniques such as DHI, FUE Sapphire, and FUE are used at our center.

Our Doctors

Operations are done by Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin, Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı, and their professional team.

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin is one of the leading names among doctors who follow the current developments in the field of medicine and perform surgeries using Sapphire Percutaneous technology, which is the best and the most preferred hair transplant technique in Turkey. She is a hair transplant specialist who has been operating for many years with 6 years of experience. Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin completed her studies at Sakarya University, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in 2013. She participated in many pieces of training and international program courses in the field of hair transplantation in Europe and the world. She has perfected herself in the field of Medical Tourism by attending numerous conferences and seminars, especially in the USA, Germany, France, and other countries that are the pioneers of the industry. Thanks to years of experience, Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin helps people achieve natural and near-perfect results by applying appropriate professional treatment to the patient.

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin

Dr. Mustafa Ayhan BalcıOne of our Istanbul Vita doctors who has made a name for himself with hair transplant procedures in Turkey, Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı has made a name for himself with his successful operations. Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı completed his studies in the medical field at Kocaeli University in 2015, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine. He has perfected himself in the field of Medical Tourism by attending numerous conferences and seminars, especially in the USA, Germany, France, and other countries that are the pioneers of the industry. He made significant contributions to the growth of the hair transplantation industry in Turkey by training many hair transplant specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Our doctor, who thinks highly of the importance of the natural look in hair transplant processes, constantly carries his motivation in the sector, receiving positive feedback from his patients.

Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı

How Much İs The Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant varies according to each case and situation. The key factors could be the donor areas' compatibility or hair type. At many clinics in Istanbul, the price varies according to the graft number. At Istanbul vita, this is not the case. We believe in maximum graft achievement without a price change to offer the best service. This results in a more affordable and client-based service for our customers. At Istanbul vita hair transplant center, the prices start around 1500 euros.

On top of that one can take advantage of the other services that are provided

  • Free hair analysis and detailed consultation
  • A free stay at our 5-star hotel including breakfast for 3 days and 2 nights
  • A safe transfer VIP vehicle between the hospital, hotel, and the airport
  • Lifelong guarantee
  • A consultant available 24/7
  • Following up on the operation by keeping in contact with the center to ease the process
  • Medications that are provided for the post-operation period

historical places and architecture

People who come to Turkey for a hair transplant also get to discover the city's historical places and architecture. They can even attend the tours around Sultanahmet Camii, Topkapı Sarayı, Kapalıçarşı, Ayasofya, Kız Kulesi, Galata Kulesi or Taksim, Ortaköy.

Why Is Turkey The Most Preferred City For Hair Transplants?

Tourists all around the world visit turkey to get a hair transplant or any type of cosmetic surgery. the star of the hair transplant industry is turkey as the country. The city that is the most preferred for operations is İstanbul. Tourists come here to get their hair transplants and stay in istanbul for 4 to 5 days while getting to visit many historical places. This type of travel opportunity attracts many from everywhere. Touristic experience isn’t the only factor that attracts many, hair transplants being more affordable and accessible in İstanbul is one of the other key factors.

For example; while America is offering this service for an estimated $20.000, Turkey can offer the same experience for a cheaper price point. When it comes to comparison of the price and performance rate Turkey surpasses its competitors by far.


The fact that touristic trips can be made during the visit for health reasons and to carry out all these for reasonable prices proves that Turkey and Istanbul are the most correct addresses for hair transplantation. Turkey's cultural and geographical richness, historical and natural beauties, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers make the treatment process an enjoyable journey for patients.

Istanbul Tour Plan

  • Before coming to Turkey, cheap flight tickets are checked. (If you want the ticket to be bought by us, one of our expert consultants can support you.)

flight tickets

  • A secure VIP vehicle will accompany you for your transfers throughout the entire process from landing in Turkey to returning. You can make your holiday more enjoyable by taking a tour of Istanbul. Do not leave Istanbul without visiting Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar, and Galata Tower.
  • When you come to the operation, a translator who speaks your language will accompany you throughout the process.
  • On the day of the operation, our patient is taken from the hotel by VIP vehicles and transferred to the hospital. You can easily return to your daily life after the operation.
  • 2nd day: Our patient is re-hosted in our hospital and it is checked whether there is any damage or bleeding in the roots. Special care solution is applied by our specialist doctors to the area where hair transplantation is performed.
  • You can return to your country on the 3rd day. Your specialist consultant will practically tell you what you need to do after hair transplantation.

Natural-looking hair in 6 months

Let us walk through the post-operation period step by step with the timeline.

Natural-looking hair in 6 months

The third day after the operation: Your post-operative consultant will tell you how to use the phone. However, the phone used while looking down will cause you to see swelling in the front of your head. It is normal to say that all these are temporary and naturally occurring complications.

The tenth day after the operation: The crusts formed by your scalp to start the healing process are poured on this day. With the disappearance of the red dot appearance, you will get an image as if you have shaved your hair. After this stage, your hair and scalp are in the healing process.

The first month after the operation: It is possible to start a period called “shock shedding” from the fifteenth day after hair transplantation. This period is quite normal, there is nothing to be afraid of. Shedding hair will grow back one by one with the healing process.

Third Month After Operation: Up to the first three months, the scalp continues to heal. Therefore, various tissue reactions (eg acne, itching, etc.) can be seen. All of these are important signs that healing is taking place. You should be very careful not to apply any product other than the products recommended by the doctor to your scalp during this process, and not to scratch your scalp.

Sixth Month After the Operation: The hair growth process, which generally accelerates from the fourth month, reaches seventy percent of all hair by the completion of the sixth month. The sixth month refers to a process in which the hair only focuses on growth.

Eighth Month After the Operation: By the end of the eighth month, 80 percent to 90 percent of the hair of many patients will have grown.

About Kadıköy Hospital Nazif Bağrıaçık

Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital, located in the popular district of Kadıköy in Istanbul, is one of the region's popular healthcare institutions. İstanbul Vita, one of the best hair transplant clinics among Kadıköy hospitals, operates within the premises of Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital.

The focal point of İstanbul Vita, located within Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital, is a hair transplant clinic, with a focus on patient comfort and hygiene. Combining its advanced technological infrastructure equipped with modern medical devices and experienced medical staff, İstanbul Vita provides superior healthcare services to its patients, complementing the comfortable patient rooms and exceptional hygiene measures of Kadıköy Hospital Nazif Bağrıaçık.

Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital offers various facilities such as parking and a cafeteria, ensuring convenience and ease for patients and their visitors during their visits.

As the only authorized hair transplant clinic operating within Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital, it provides patients with over 15 years of experience in delivering a high-quality hair transplant experience.

Nazif Bağrıaçık Kadıköy Hospital