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Why is Istanbul the best destination for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation, which has increased popularity in the international arena in recent years, has become an operation most preferred by individuals, usually men, who have problems such as hair loss. Hair transplantation procedures performed in numerous clinics around the world have become more and more in demand and have become an important part of aesthetic surgery.

Every year, millions of patients flock to hair transplant clinics around the world to have operations. Individuals who want to have an operation are trying to choose between numerous clinics, taking into account some factors. This intense interest of people causes great competition among clinics.

Turkey, which is the most preferred location for people who want to have hair surgery recently, has gained international popularity in hair implants.

Turkey, which is very popular, especially among patients from Europe, is becoming an attractive option for people with its high-quality service, modern clinics equipped with the latest technological equipment that will compete with world-class clinics, pricing of costs in local currency, and high success rates. In addition to all these, it not only offers patients quality treatment but also offers an unforgettable tourist experience.

In addition to hair treatments, patients experience a unique journey with Turkey's fascinating historical beauty and hospitality.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and historical cultural centers not only in Turkey but also in the world. Located in the center of the Old World, Istanbul is a very important megapolis with its historical monuments and magnificent natural landscapes. Istanbul, which fascinates many people with its historical monuments, natural beauties, and cultural riches, is one of the most striking cities to travel to.

Istanbul Vita Hair transplant

As Istanbul is one of the favorite cities of tourism, it has also become a highly developed sector in health tourism. In particular, Istanbul, which is the most preferred city in Turkey hair transplant operations, offers people who have hair the opportunity to enjoy the city and receive first-class quality service

Currently, there are over 500 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. Most of these clinics have the quality and standards to compete with the best hair transplant clinics worldwide. Istanbul hair transplant are performed by experienced doctors using the most modern technical equipment.

In short, Istanbul is a highly preferred city in terms of quality service, advanced clinics, prices, and tourism for the best hair transplant clinic. Istanbul, which fascinates people with its rich history and culture, structures, and architecture, is the best option to combine hair implants with a fascinating holiday.

Hair transplant Turkey

According to statistics, 10 thousand hair implant operations are performed daily in Turkey. Istanbul is known as the city with the most hair surgeries in the world. Such a statistic shows the day-to-day development of hair transplant Turkey. All these operations enable hair surgeons in the country to specialize in this field and gain more experience. In addition, performing so many operations increases competition in the country and thanks to this competition, more developments are achieved in the field of hair transplant Turkey.

 Hair transplant in Istanbul

So many surgeries also help to reveal new techniques. Generally, the newest techniques in hair surgery are first performed in Turkey.

Clinic of best hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul uses modern and advanced, advanced hair treatment techniques. The use of these techniques has greatly contributed to their success and ability to provide quality hair treatment services. These are the most important techniques used by hair surgeons in Turkey Hair Transplant clinics:

  • FUE (It is the process of taking hair follicles under local anesthesia with special-tipped medical devices and placing them from the donor area to the balding areas, taking into account the angle and direction of hair growth)
  • Sapphire FUE (procedure performed with a special sapphire-tipped pen)
  • DHI (a procedure also known as unshaven hair implant)

70% of the thousands of hair treatments performed every day include operations performed on patients coming from abroad. There are many reasons why hair transplant Turkey are so popular abroad, especially in Europe:

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Clinic

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best hair transplant clinic. These factors are critical to ensuring that your treatment process is both safe and successful:

Having a license for the clinic: The fact that the clinic has an operating license issued by official health institutions is an indication that it provides services legally and meets certain standards.

Travel Agency Title: Especially for patients coming from abroad for hair operation, the clinic needs to have the title of an official travel agency that provides travel and accommodation services. This means that all necessary logistical support will be provided throughout your treatment process.

International Health Certificate: The fact that the clinic has internationally recognized health accreditations and certificates indicates that the service and treatment standards comply with international norms. These documents prove that the clinic provides high standards of service in terms of quality and safety.

Apart from this, other factors that you should consider in the best hair transplant clinic you choose to get the best results:

  • Experience
  • Specialist doctors and staff in the field
  • Equipped clinic using innovative and state-of-the-art technological equipment
  • Hygiene and sterile environment
  • Customer feedback

The best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey

With its 15 years of experience and expert staff, Istanbul Vita always serves by focusing on customer satisfaction and quality first.

Istanbul Vita, which has more than 25,000 customer satisfaction, 3 major awards, and numerous achievements to date, has become a reliable institution. Over the years, Vita Istanbul has steadily grown and developed with more than 6,000 procedures per year, becoming one of the leading hair transplant clinics Turkey and Europe.

Vita Istanbul has proven to be the best hair transplant in Turkey with the awards it received in 2021 and 2022. Later, it proved that it was the best hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul clinic internationally with the award it received in 2023. Vita Clinic Istanbul, which previously achieved great success by receiving the "Best Hair Transplant" awards in Turkey in 2021 and 2022, added another one to its achievements by being deemed worthy of the "The Best Hair Transplant Clinic" award at the international "European Awards" 2023 award ceremony held in Paris.

Istanbul Vita Hair transplant


As Turkey's Leading Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul Vita 2021, it achieved success in the 2021 "Golden Summit Career Awards"

Istanbul Vita Clinic, which won the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey award in 2021 at the Golden Summit Awards, received the "Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year" award a year later and won the award for 2 years in a row.

Vita Clinic Istanbul which proved itself in the international arena this time with the "Best Hair Transplant" clinic award at the "European Awards" award ceremony in 2023, proved once again that it is the best in this field.

Hasan Başol European Awards

Hasan Bashol, the founder of the clinic, thanked everyone who supported him in his speech and added: "We owe this success to our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. Vita Istanbul stands out with its first-class service and offers high-quality hair treatment. Vita İstanbul Clinic has always dedicated these prestigious awards to customer satisfaction and quality service. We hope that next year we will stand here as the best dental clinic in Turkey or Europe and we will see each other here again".

Istanbul Vita has proven that it deserves to be called the best hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul with the awards it has received many times.

Clinic in Istanbul

Istanbul Vita serves its customers in its best clinic in Istanbul. This newly opened hair clinic in Istanbul is equipped with the most up-to-date and effective hair transplant equipment and is managed by experienced specialist doctors. Vita Clinic Istanbul hair transplant clinic aims to guarantee the best results in a modern and comfortable environment, always prioritizing customer satisfaction.The clinic, which has all the necessary factors to be the best hair transplant in Turkey, is located in the most beautiful location of Istanbul.

Istanbul Vita Clinic

Istanbul Clinic has modern medical facilities such as fully equipped operation rooms and sterile washing rooms. These facilities are designed and arranged by international health standards. The operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment required for all kinds of surgical procedures, such as hair implants. Istanbul hair transplant clinic has been carefully designed to ensure that patients and staff are in a hygienic environment. Istanbul Hair Transplant Clinic has the necessary licenses and international health certificates issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health. These documents confirm the clinic's capacity and standards to provide quality healthcare. Istanbul Hair Transplant Clinic is operated by international health standards and has undertaken to provide a reliable and quality health service to its customers.

Istanbul Vita Clinic

Expert Staff

There are more than 50 staff who speak 15 languages at Istanbul Vita. Among these personnel are Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin and Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı, two of Turkey's leading hair surgery specialists.

Istanbul Vita Experts

Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin is one of the leading names among the doctors who follow the current developments in the field of medicine and perform operations with the percutaneous Sapphire technique in Clinic of the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey. He is a hair surgery specialist who has been working for many years with 6 years of experience. Thanks to Dr. Özge Miray Gültekin's years of experience, it is possible for her patients to apply the appropriate treatment and help them achieve a natural and intense result after hair transplantation.

Istanbul Vita Experts

Another doctor of Vita Clinic Istanbul hair transplant clinic who has made a name for himself with his operations in the field of hair transplant Turkey is Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balcı. He has improved himself in the industry of hair transplantation by participating in many conferences and seminars in the USA, Germany, France, and other countries that are the pioneers of the sector. Our doctor, who attaches importance to natural appearance during hair implant procedures, constantly maintains his motivation in the sector with the positive feedback he receives from his patients.


Vita Istanbul has proven itself the Best Hair Transplant Turkey for years and continues to work to provide quality service to our customers. The services of Vita clinic, which has the title of Travel Agency, do not end only with the hair implant operation. It also meets the health tourism needs of patients coming from abroad after they come to Turkey.

In addition, the person can benefit from many options other than hair operation.

  • Free hair analysis and detailed advice
  • Accommodation in 5 or 4-star hotels for 2-3 days with breakfast
  • Secure VIP vehicle for all your transfers between hospital, hotel, and airport
  • Lifetime warranty against hair loss
  • Round-the-clock support in your preferred language
  • 1 year follow-up after hair operation.
  • High-quality care products and medicines for professional care at home

Hair transplant with Istanbul Vita

Cheap flight tickets are checked before coming to Turkey. (If you would like to buy the ticket from us, one of our expert consultants can help you.)

A secure VIP vehicle accompanies you in your transfers throughout the entire process from your landing to return to Turkey. You can make your holiday more enjoyable by taking a tour of Istanbul

When you come to the surgery, an interpreter who speaks your native language accompanies you throughout the process.

On the day of the operation, the patient is taken from the hotel by VIP vehicles and taken to the hospital. After the operation, you can return to your daily life without any problems.

Day 2: The patient is admitted to the hospital again and checked for damage or bleeding in the roots. A special care solution is applied to the area where hair surgery will be performed by our experts.

Day 3: You can return to your country. Your expert consultant will practically explain what you need to do after hair operation

Tourists from many parts of the world come to Turkey for hair operations. A large number of tourists are hosted not only for hair transplant Turkey but also for aesthetic operations. Known for its excellence in the industry of hair transplant Turkey, Istanbul is the most preferred city for the operation. It is very attractive for all tourists to have the opportunity to explore the city during the hair implant in 4-5 days. The only reason why tourists get a hair transplant Turkey is not only for touristic reasons. In addition, it is produced at very affordable prices compared to other countries.

The Best hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul Vita Clinic is the best in health tourism as well as in the field of hair transplantation.

For example; While it is done with astronomical fees of 20,000 dollars in the USA, hair surgery is much cheaper in Turkey. In terms of price/performance, it is no surprise that Turkey is the leading country in the industry of hair surgery. The fact that tourist trips can be made during the visit for health reasons and all this can be done at affordable prices proves that Turkey and Istanbul are the best clinical addresses for best hair transplant Turkey.

One of the benefits of hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is visiting the most beautiful city in the world.

For the best hair transplant Turkey, Istanbul combines medical excellence and cultural diversity. Istanbul clinics, where innovative techniques are used, offer aesthetically pleasing results. The experience goes beyond surgery as patients explore the fascinating city. People who have Istanbul hair transplant experience not only self-confidence but also the magic of this unique metropolis.

Which country is best for hair loss treatment?

According to research, one of the countries where the best hair transplant is performed is Turkey. In Turkey, which is the most preferred country for hair transplantation, hair operations are performed with the best hair transplant specialists and the latest techniques developed in this field.

Is Turkey the best for hair transplant?

Yes, Turkey is the country where the best clinics for hair transplantation are located and people from all over the world are very satisfied with their operations.

Which hair clinic is the best in Turkey?

Points you should pay attention to when choosing which is the best clinic in Turkey: The clinic should have a Travel Agency Certificate, an International Health Certificate, working with doctors who are experts in their fields, compliance with hygiene and sterilization, experience, and customer feedback.

Which city in Turkey is best for hair transplant?

Istanbul. It is a highly preferred city for hair transplant in terms of its quality service, advanced clinics, prices, and tourism. Fascinating with its rich history and culture, buildings, and architecture, Istanbul is the best option to combine hair transplantation with a fascinating holiday.

For detailed information about hair transplant costs Turkey, you can read the hair transplant costs article.