How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey – 2024 Price
Hair Restoration Thursday 31st of March 2022

Hair Transplant Cost analysis in Turkey - Istanbul | Everything you need to know

Appearing in 1959, hair transplant has since become a flagship and phenomenal solution for treating alopecia and any other type of medical health condition affecting the scalp.

People are becoming more and more familiar with this surgical procedure and it is Turkey exclusively that has taken advantage of this proliferation to become the first destination that comes to mind for those considering a hair transplant and this is for many different reasons than us. will be defined throughout this article.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is considered to be a sophisticated and delicate medical treatment that revolutionized hair loss treatments for thousands of people and cured permanently their alopecia.

Numerous people are suffering from thinning or falling hair due to multiple factors, such as genetically hereditary hormones, poor vitamin and nourishing food intake, exposure to environmental toxins, uncontrolled and rapid weight loss, ageing, and some medical conditions as alopecia aerata or diabetes might lead to the fragility of the hair and its loss. Additionally, extreme daily stress and emotional traumas, overly tightened hairstyles and certain type of dermatological infections and diseases cause hair loss.

The hair transplant in Turkey offers a permanent solution to hair loss problem. It is about extracting follicles that resist the best to shedding, usually from the back of the head in the scalp area, and transplanting them to recipient areas where hair is thinner or absent. Thanks to advanced techniques and a team of dedicated experts in the Turkey hair transplant , after the surgery individuals will get fully dense and naturally-looking hair in just few months.

Turkey - The Best Destination for Hair Transplant

By choosing Hair Transplant Turkey for your hair treatment, you not only benefit from quality care but also from an enriching and unique touristic experience. This country offers a combination of world-class medical services and a wealth of culture to explore. You can discover new places while transforming your physical appearance in a natural and lasting way.

Firstly, on the medical level, Turkey has established itself as a global hub for capillary transplant Turkey for several convincing reasons. First of all, the country has developed unique expertise in this field in the presence of internationally certified surgeons and professionals. These experts use cutting-edge techniques by exploiting the latest technological advances to guarantee personalized results according to each patient's alopecia case.

In addition to its high quality in Turkey hair transplant medical services, individuals have the opportunity to live an exceptional travel experience while treating their hair. Since Turkey is located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, it has an impressive cultural wealth. Outstanding landscapes, historical monuments and special cuisine are more and more encouraging people to stay longer than their treatment's period to enjoy such a beautiful country. Thanks to the characteristics mentioned previously, Turkey has become one of the best and most visited destinations in the world to get hair transplant.

Why Choose Istanbul Vita?

Awarded 3 consecutive years as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey , Istanbul Vita offers high-quality medical services that garantee a natural aesthetic appearance. Located in the heart of Istanbul, our clinic has stood out among the competition with more than 15 years of experience making the dream hair of over 25000 patients come true. At the clinic, we utilize the latest innovative techniques like the DHI, FUE Saphir or MIX technique in hair transplant Turkey to ensure not only naturally-looking and fully-dense results but also to permanently cure Baldness.

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey Cost : How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

With the growth in the number of people wishing to have hair, beard or even eyebrow transplants, many countries have developed in terms of Trichology and dermatology of the scalp by offering hair transplants and other treatments for alopecia. Certainly the price of surgical interventions differ from one country to another for many reasons.

This article is a well-detailed exploratory and comparative research on the hair transplant cost in Turkey exclusively, the different hair transplant techniques as well as the different factors that influence the hair transplant price in Turkey as everyone wants to know hair transplant costs Turkey.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Our team has compared for you the different hair transplant Turkey price offered around the world so that you can have a general idea of how much is a hair transplant cost Turkey.

Indeed, we cannot generalize the hair transplant cost Turkey, especially since hair transplant cost differs from one country to another, certainly there are some countries which tend to offer higher cost than others. We cite some western European countries, such as United Kingdom, Canada, Germany or even the United States, which offer rather exorbitant and unjustified cost ranging from 4000 € to 18000 €.

  • Hair Transplant price in Canada = 17500 €
  • Hair transplant cost in Germany = 7300 €
  • Hair transplant price in France = 7000€
  • Hair transplant cost in Australia = 13700€
  • Hair transplant price in Romania = 2800€
  • Hair Transplant cost in Russia = 4000€
  • Hair transplant price in Italy = 2200€
  • Hair transplant cost in Great Britain = 8000€
  • Hair transplant price in Hungary = 3600€
  • Hair transplant cost in Switzerland = 5000€

Why Do So Many People Opt for Turkey Hair transplant?

Turkey is now considered the leading destination for people wishing to have hair transplants. Combining very attractive value for money, Turkey offers very high quality medical services at affordable and justified price.

Indeed, Turkey has become the most popular and visited European country for hair transplants with a number exceeding 1 million hair transplant operations carried out in the year 2023. This has been reinforced by the appearance of the phenomenon of Medical Tourism, which is a combination of the tool and the pleasant. Many people visit Turkey both to get treatment for alopecia and to visit magical tourist places.

In addition, Turkey has developed expertise in hair restoration by mastering different innovative techniques, constantly improving the quality of the medical services it offers.

Hair transplant cost Turkey

With more than 500 clinics dedicated to hair transplant treatment, certified doctors, and the latest hair transplant innovations and equipment, hair transplant cost Turkey are within reach.

Turkey hair transplant cost are on average 2 to 3 times cheaper than in other European or Western countries' hair transplant cost. This operation can cost between 1500 and 3000 euros, depending on the clinic where it is performed, the grafting techniques applied (DHI, FUE, Saphir, MIX), the location of the clinic if it is located in a city like Istanbul or Ankara hair transplant cost will be slightly higher than in other internal regions as well as depending on the medical services offered.

What Are the Different Hair Transplant Methods and The Transplant cost in Turkey of these techniques?

The cost varies depending on the grafting technique applied, which is why it is not very feasible to determine a single fixed hair transplant cost for everyone before consulting the person to find out which treatment is most suitable for them. Several factors must be taken into consideration such as hair structure, number of follicles, hormonal and genetic differences between men and women as well as the hair transplant methods themselves.

There are two hair transplant techniques in Turkey: Sapphire FUE and DHI, we will discuss each of them in the following paragraph.

FUE - Sapphire FUE : Hair Transplant Cost

The FUE technique is the latest evolving innovation in hair restoration Turkey and the most used by surgeons, consisting of removing the follicular units one by one from the donor area using a tiny scalpel called Punch the special sapphire-tipped blades used in the grooving phase. The grafts are sorted one by one by the technicians, then manually re-transplanted by the specialist doctor in the recipient area.

Since these open channels are three-dimensional, it is possible to achieve more intense and natural results.

In order to provide more accurate information about hair transplant cost, the treatment should be planned according to the patient's condition in equipped centers staffed by fully expert staff.

DHI : Hair Transplant Cost

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is considered a more modern version or modification of the FUE technique.

The DHI uses a very specific instrument, which is the CHOI pen, allowing follicles to be extracted more quickly and precisely. These follicles will then be sorted according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

Unlike traditional FUE, where the channels are opened primarily to transplant follicles, DHI transplants follicles directly into the recipient area using the CHOI pen. This technique guarantees precise transplant and ensures that the angles and direction of hair growth match the patient's natural hairstyle before.

The success rate and turkey hair transplant cost for different hair transplant techniques may vary depending on the experience of the doctor and the equipment of the center. Many factors such as the equipment used and the doctor's knowledge of the DHI technique affect the success of the treatment as well as the DHI hair transplant cost. People who want to stop hair loss and eliminate baldness should definitely choose doctors who are experts in their field. Given the success and the level of quality of the results to be obtained, choosing specialist and experienced doctors will provide a much safer solution.

Prefer an experienced capillary implant clinic to achieve a natural and dense appearance and minimize the risk of possible post-operative complications using DHI and FUE Saphir techniques.

You can fill out the form to get detailed information about the DHI hair transplant cost and FUE Saphir hair transplant cost at our clinic.

Istanbul Vita Hair Transplant Cost

If your hair is falling out and you are looking for the most advantageous solution with guaranteed value for money, the experienced team is waiting for you to put an end to your alopecia. Our experts offer you the most durable and dense treatments at the most reasonable price as well as special campaigns with the latest techniques, the success of which has been approved in our hair transplant clinic.

Elements That Influence the Hair Transplant Cost

In addition to the location of the procedure and the reputation of the clinic, other factors influence hair transplant cost. The number of grafts required is one of the determining factors. The higher the latter, the more the total cost increases for certain clinics, except that this is not the case at Istanbul Vita since our cost are indifferent to the number of grafts to be transplanted. Likewise, the transplant technique used plays a role, especially those that are more advanced, such as DHİ or FUE Saphir, can be more expensive.

The skill of the surgeon is also a determining factor. Experienced and highly qualified surgeons may charge higher fees. However, it is essential to seek out a competent professional to ensure optimal results and avoid complications.


In conclusion, the hair transplant cost Turkey is variable based on many elements, including the country, the clinic, the technique, and the service provided. Turkey has established itself as the most optimal destination for those looking for competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of their medical care. Moreover, the Turkish government actively supports the medical tourism sector, which is sometimes even called baldness tourism, which has improved over the years making Turkey the number one reference destination for foreign patients looking for hair.

We advise you to research hair transplant cost carefully, it is essential to do in-depth research to choose the clinic that best suits your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable comparing to other countries. However hair transplant cost may differ from one clinic to another. Visit our website to get a free consultation discover how much is a hair transplant cost.

How Much is a Hair Transplant Cost in 2024?

As the hair transplant cost is different in one country or clinic to another, the average cost of a hair transplant may vary from 1500 euros to 20000 euros because of multiple reasons.We advise you to do a full research to get the best value to price rate.

Do hair transplant methods have different costs?

Yes, techniques like DHI, FUE, hybrid or Sapphire FUE have can have different costs as each technique has its own characteristics. The more the hair transplant technique is complicated and precise the higher the cost is.

What are the factors impacting the hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The clinic’s reputation and medical services, experience of the medical team, the hair transplant technique and its complexity are all important factors that influence the cost of the hair transplant surgery in Turkey.