Hair Transplant in Antalya? 2024 Cost in Antalya, Turkey?
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How are hair transplant procedures done in Antalya? 2024 cost in Antalya

Turkey has made rapid progress in the tourism sector from the past to the present; It has become a frequent destination for tourists. In addition to the tourism sector, Istanbul and Antalya are among the popular places in demand in terms of health tourism. Antalya is one of our holiday cities that arouses curiosity with its historical past and attracts attention with its fun and unique nature.

Istanbul Vita, which has been performing hair operations for over 15 years, performs hair transplant in Antalya with the same service and quality. Our goal is always to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide quality service.

Hair Operation Procedure in Antalya

Hair Operation Procedure in Antalya

In addition to being a tourist city, Antalya has become a pioneering city known for hair surgeries. In this city, located in the southwest of Turkey, doctors who are experts in their fields perform hair surgery using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art devices. As a result of these operations, the positive feedback of the patients who are satisfied with the transplant affects Antalya to become a well-known hair operation clinic in the world.

It is aimed to obtain maximum efficiency with special tests (such as hair structure and skin type) performed on the patient before the operation procedure. Patients are served who are especially interested in ensuring that the hair does not look artificial and customer satisfaction. Particular attention is paid to the sterility of the materials used and the place to be planted.

In Antalya hair transplant clinics, where doctors, nurses, and support personnel work together, importance is given to the problems experienced by the patients after the procedure as well as the devices used. In hair transplant clinic Antalya, patients have carefully explained the necessary precautions to reduce pain and recover more quickly.

As Istanbul Vita, we will be with you for airport pick-up, accommodation in a 5-star hotel, and all your needs during the hair process you will perform in hair transplant clinic Antalya.

Although Antalya is a big city in Turkey, hair transplant clinic Antalya are more affordable than cities such as Ankara and Izmir. The feature that distinguishes the city of Antalya from other provinces is that it provides quality service at an affordable price. Likewise, these transactions made in other countries can be much more expensive than in Turkey. For this reason, Antalya has been a unique opportunity for tourists, both for touristic travel opportunities and to achieve a natural hair appearance.

Before you start your Antalya hair implant adventure, you can fall under the spell of this unique city. Antalya, one of Turkey's favorite tourist cities, continues to make a sound by attracting people's attention every day. As you descend to the south of the shores of Antalya, the warm clear sea of Antalya will arouse your admiration. You can do any water sport you want; you can enjoy its unique nature and visit nature parks. Antalya, this unique city where green and blue meet, will allow you to admire the magic of nature. This rich geography of Antalya is not limited to natural wonders. Antalya, home to a rich historical past, has many ancient cities from Alanya Castle to Hidirlik Tower, from Perge to Termossos; It has become an open-air museum that arouses curiosity around the world.

The unique holidays you will spend in Antalya will take away all your stress. You can enjoy your holiday until the day of your transactions. In the examination to be performed by your doctor, first of all, your anamnesis information (stages of hair loss, alcohol, and cigarette consumption, chronic disease, if any, medications used, allergy status, age of the patient) is examined in detail, and then the path to be followed in this direction is determined and planned. On the day of your surgery, hair transplant clinic Antalya will perform your procedures and you will have your new appearance. In case of a possible mishap after the procedure, you can contact the center. A solution will be found to eliminate your problem.

By having hair transplantation Antalya, you can get the look you want at affordable prices, research the treatment to be applied before the procedure, and have information about the center where your transplant will be performed. You can reach the opinions of clients who have undergone hair and learn about your doctor's experiences. To avoid any question marks in your mind, your hair transplant clinic Antalya will help you in this process and provide a comfortable service.

Hair surgery requires attention and care at every stage. For the hair process to be completed in a healthy way after the transplant process, water should not be touched for a while to protect the area where the graft is taken, and the instructions given by the doctor should be followed in the 1-2 week period after transplant.

Advantages of Having Hair Implant in Antalya

Advantages of Having Hair Implant in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. With the warming of the weather, the summer residents who go down to the warm seas create the harmony of the city and color Antalya even more. It has attracted people's attention over the years with its historical structure and nature reflecting the magnificent combination of blue and green. Over time, it has attracted the attention of tourists and is becoming more and more popular every day. The development and change of Antalya day by day have also affected the health sector. In particular, the increase in hair revision procedures does not go unnoticed. In addition to vacationing, tourists and Turkish citizens now prefer Antalya for hair procedures. hair transplantation Antalya are becoming more and more popular day by day.

Antalya Tour Stages

  • For you to reach Antalya at the most affordable prices, first of all, our customer representatives will help you with flight ticket transactions.
  • After landing in Antalya, you will be greeted with VIP service and VIP service will continue until you perform your hair process and return to your country.
  • A private vehicle fee will be charged while providing to the hospital for your hair procedures.
  • After the hair procedure, you will be called to the hospital again on the 2nd day and a doctor's control will be provided.
  • You can return to your country on the 3rd day of hair surgery. Information given by the doctor about the operation you had in Antalya; The procedure suitable for your transaction is applied.

Hair Operation and After 

There are some rules you need to pay attention to after the surgery, let me review them together if you wish.

First 3 Days After Operation

You should prevent your hair from coming into contact with water for 3 days. You should not allow any chemical products to come into contact with your scalp. You should stay away from heavy lifting and sports activities. In the first days, slight edema may occur in the face area, but it is not something to be afraid of, it is a part of the process. You should follow the instructions given by your doctor about the way you sleep and the clothes you wear. You should keep your head up while looking at your phone.

10th Day After the Operation 

During these 10 days, do not touch your head area to avoid damaging the grafts. If you scratch the transplanted area, your crusts can be removed. It is important both in terms of hygiene and positive results of treatment.

1st Month After the Operation 

The redness will decrease over time. Shock shedding is experienced, but it is not a cause for concern, it is part of the process. Patients may have negative emotions when they experience hair loss, but it should not be forgotten that this is a temporary process.

After the Operation 3. Month 

Hair growth is observed. Patients with sensitive skin may experience problems such as itching and swelling. In case of a possible infection, you should first talk to your doctor. Under the supervision of a doctor, drug therapy can be applied to eliminate the infection.

After the Operation 6. Month

From the 4th month, your hair continues to grow rapidly. Now the shock spill phase is over. Change and development are observed in the volume of your hair strands. Now you will have both more voluminous and thicker hair.

8th Month After the Operation

With the 8th month, 80% to 90% thickening will be observed in your hair. Your hair will have a fuller appearance. 1st year after the operation Your hair follicles have completed their healing phases. Now you have moved to the period when your hair is more voluminous.

Hair Transplant Antalya and DHI Method

Hair Transplant Antalya and DHI Method

DHI hair surgery (Direct Hair Implantation) is the process of removing hair from the donor area, opening channels in the balding area, and grafting without damaging the hair on the skin. A hair process is performed directly. The grafted hair is transplanted into the canal opened with a special pen, Choi-Pen.

Before the DHI method is performed, the hair type and the structure of the hair follicles are examined, and then procedures are started under the supervision of a doctor. With the grafting process, hair follicles are taken one and transplanted into the open area. The DHI method will transform your hair into a denser and more natural appearance. After the hair procedure, your process will be less painful. You will experience a rapid recovery process, so you can return to your daily work very quickly.

If you want to get information about the DHI Method, you can take a look at our article.

Hair procedures will be the right choice for patients in Antalya with their specialist doctors and the technological devices they use for the DHI method during the operation procedures. hair transplant clinic Antalya, which are adequately equipped, will enable patients to achieve the appearance they want.

The interest and curiosity in hair operation is increasing day by day It has also had a positive impact on the development of Antalya in the health sector and therefore has contributed positively to the increase in the demand for hair operations day by day. Tourists who came to Antalya for a holiday started to visit hair transplant Antalya Turkey clinics as time passed. For this reason, Antalya; has become a frequented campus with multiple functions for tourists, where they can both spend their holidays.

Hair Transplant Antalya and Fue Technique

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair treatment is performed by taking the grafts and transplanting them into the balding area. Grafts are usually taken from the back and sides of the scalp. Local anesthesia is applied before the procedure. There is a feeling of numbness in the area where local anesthesia is applied, so the patient does not feel pain during the operation. The area where the hair operation will be performed is first shaved. The procedures are applied in a way that does not damage the hair follicles, and a Fue hair operation is preferred for a denser appearance. Medications used before hair surgery should be discontinued. Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stopped 1 week before the surgery. Before the operation, the hair should not be dyed, and styling products (gel, spray, cream, etc.) should not be applied to the hair. If you have a skin disease, you should consult a dermatologist before the operation starts treatment, and inform your doctor about your treatment process.

If you want to get information about the FUE Method, you can take a look at our article.

With its long years of experience, the Istanbul Vita team will be with the patients who want to receive services until the whole process is completed in the adventure of hair operation. Istanbul Vita, one of the most preferred clinics in Turkey; has made a splash in Antalya and has become the clinic of the attention of tourists and locals. Istanbul Vita has proven its quality in Antalya as well as in Istanbul.

Hair operation is performed at affordable Hair Transplantation in Antalya Cost. Operations are carried out with the latest technological products used. Operations are performed in hair transplant clinic Antalya accompanied by specialist doctors and a team. After the operation, the recovery process of the patients is followed. The process after the operation is performed is important for the healing process of our patients. Necessary information and controls will be provided for patients to have a healthy appearance.

Hair Transplant Turkey

When hair transplantation is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is; Hair transplant Turkey. Hair surgery has always attracted the attention of patients from the past to the present. Patients who want to have hair transplant Antalya are looking for a center that they can trust and that offers permanent solutions. Turkey has become a great opportunity for people who want to have hair surgery. Turkey provides services to patients using the latest technology devices with its specialist doctor and experienced team in hair process procedures. For this reason, hair transplant Turkey is preferred.

Hair Transplant Antalya and Sapphire Fue Method

Hair Transplant Antalya and Sapphire Fue Method

For the Sapphire Fue method, first of all, the donor area is shaved. The hairy area on the nape of the neck is preferred as the area where the donor will be taken. Local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not suffer during the procedure. The grafts and Sapphires are planted in channels opened with a knife. The purpose of Sapphire blades is to cut fine scratches, allowing the patient to complete the procedure with less tissue damage. Fine scratches speed up the patient's process. Bleeding is less common in procedures performed with a sapphire blade, thus reducing the risk of complications during surgery and reducing the risk of infection during the healing process procedure is completed. The transplant process with a sapphire blade takes between 6 and 8 hours, and the width of the area where the will take place also affects the duration of the operation. The Sapphire FUE method allows the patient to have a more natural appearance thanks to its hair structure; It minimizes surgical scars.

After your surgery is completed, your doctor will inform you in detail, and care procedures should be done carefully for the surgery process to be completed healthily. You can apply care to your hair by following the instructions given by your doctor. For a quick recovery process, the vaccinated area should be kept away from contact. Chemicals (gel, spray, shampoo, etc.) that will harm the skin should be avoided. You can wash your hair with special shampoos recommended by your doctor. In case of a possible mishap, you can stay in touch with your hair transplant clinic Antalya; You can solve your problem with your doctor. Antalya hair transplant clinics will stay in touch with you to complete your process with all the attention and relevance and to eliminate the setbacks you experience.

If you want to get information about the Sapphire Method, you can take a look at our article.

As the Istanbul Vita team; We will accompany you from the first day so that your Antalya journey is enjoyable and you return to your country satisfied with your hair process procedure. You will enjoy your Antalya trip by taking advantage of luxury transportation and hotel facilities.

Hair Transplantation in Antalya Cost 

hair transplantation in Antalya cost is more affordable compared to other provinces. Hair Transplantation in Antalya Cost is determined by the expertise of the doctor and the team, the quality of the center, and the technique used. If you want to learn the Hair Transplantation in Antalya Cost, you can review our cost article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in the Antalya Clinic?

Antalya is generally more convenient than other cities. The quality and location of the clinic, the specialist doctor and his team, and the techniques applied will cause the cost to change. hair transplantation in Antalya cost is determined according to the patient's hair analysis.

How Many Days After the Surgery Can I Get the Look I Want?

After hair surgery, you can achieve the look you want within approximately 1 year. At the end of 1 year, you can have dense and healthy hair. Do not neglect your care. You may experience periodic shedding within 12 months, this is part of the process, so do not worry.

What Techniques Are Used in the Surgery?

DHI and FUE techniques are used. The main difference between the two techniques is that in the FUE method, the hair follicles are kept waiting, while in the DHI technique, the hair follicles are transplanted directly.

What are the Advantages of Having a Hair Transplant in Antalya?

hair transplantation in Antalya cost are more affordable than in other provinces, but you still need to research clinics. Clinic and doctor quality is an important element. At the same time, being a touristic place, it also offers the opportunity for patients to have a holiday.

Will There Be a Scar After the Surgery?

The technique used in surgery is important. With developing technology, the appearance of surgical scars is minimized. Do not neglect your care and you can remove the scar appearance if you follow your doctor's instructions.