What Causes Hair Loss? What is (PRP) Injection? Costs?
Hair Restoration Tuesday 15th of March 2022

What to know about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection? Procedures?

Although hair loss is mostly hereditary, it can also be caused by many diseases. Short-term infections, temporary diseases (sinusitis, intestinal parasites) and vitamin-mineral deficiencies (magnesium, iron, zinc, B12) can also cause hair loss.

Hair loss is a healthy process that should occur under normal conditions, but as long as it does not go beyond the expected rate. Weakened hair falls out, new and lively strands emerge, so the hair follicles renew themselves. According to the information provided by the experts as a result of scientific experiments, when the hair strands exceed 10% of the total hair strands, this shedding is at an unhealthy level. While it is considered normal to lose 100 hairs per day, more may indicate an unhealthy condition and it is useful to see a dermatologist.

Some home care techniques can prevent shedding, for example; Sometimes the use of the wrong shampoo and conditioner can lead to dandruff and subsequent shedding, as it is not suitable for the skin structure. The person should know the skin structure well and choose the right cosmetic products. People with dry hair should use lubricating products and apply weekly care mixes. Regularly using hair dye, blow dryer and straightening devices can also cause hair loss. Especially the chemicals in most shampoos that cause foaming are very harmful for scalp health, so cheapness should be avoided in shampoo selection and products with natural ingredients should be preferred.

What Causes Hair Loss?

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs due to different reasons in men and women. Testosterone-induced hair loss in men develops after puberty and continues in the middle ages. The higher the amount of testosterone in men, the higher the shedding rate, and baldness usually occurs in later ages. Testosterone is not the only cause of hair loss in men, but it is also involved in malnutrition, stress and various diseases.

Although hair loss in women is rare, it is caused by individual gene differences. High stress, unbalanced thyroid hormone, hormonal and birth control drugs, pregnancy and breastfeeding process are the most important factors that trigger hair loss in menopausal women. In addition, applications such as wrong hair cosmetics, perm, straightener and blow dryer also cause the scalp to be exposed to intense heat and pave the way for shedding in the long run.

How to Treat Hair Loss?

Medicines taken under doctor control prevent hair loss and strengthen hair. While these drugs thicken the thin hair strands, they also strengthen the hair follicles. It collects, revitalizes and prevents the loss of hair follicles that are prepared for shedding. In some cases, after shedding, the hair follicles also disappear and do not produce hair again. For such cases, drug treatment remains ineffective.

collagen , vitamins and minerals are injected into the scalp . After this process is finished, it is ensured that the injected substances reach the scalp and the entire area in a balanced manner with the massage applied to the scalp. With this treatment applied at regular intervals, hair follicles become stronger, thicker and revitalized. Both men and women can benefit from this method.

Another hair technology of recent years is hair transplantation (transplantation). Hair transplantation is the process of planting the roots taken from the area above the nape of the neck, as they are strong and do not shed easily. This procedure is a method used in hair loss mostly seen in men, it gives definite results and is used for a long time.

Herbal Solution for Hair Loss

In hair and skin problems, active blood circulation usually solves the problems. Applying regular care to the hair with olive oil mixtures and massaging during washing will help accelerate blood circulation in the scalp. If the hair loss is moderate and is not caused by a serious illness, some of the foods you will consume will be enough to restore the health of your hair. Some of these are as follows:

  • Tangerine: Mandarin, which is a strong fruit in terms of B vitamins, especially vitamin C, plays a leading role in the production of collagen , which is needed by the capillaries that feed the hair. It makes hair grow faster, delays graying and prevents shedding. It will be very useful to consume 3 tangerines a day to achieve healthy hair.
  • Salmon: As with almost everything, salmon is a very important food for healthy hair. Rich in omega 3, salmon revitalizes your hair, adds shine and volume. You can benefit from these features by consuming at least two meals a week.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt, which is a very rich food in terms of vitamin B5, that is, pantothenic acid, revitalizes your hair, strengthens the hair strands, so that your hair does not fall out. Your hair will reach a healthier structure with yogurt that you will consume two bowls every day.
  • Cinnamon, eggs, carrots, oats, lentils, spinach and nuts are very useful foods for hair health. You can make it a lifestyle by creating a more systematic nutrition program consisting of these foods that are beneficial not only for the hair but also for the skin and metabolic system.

What is Hair PRP?

What is Hair PRP?

ACell + PRP is a treatment method developed for hair problems that eliminates the disconnection between cells and strengthens communication. extracellular The matrix contains a combination of vitamins, medical drugs and PRP ( Platelet rich plasma). Prp hair treatment is a mixture obtained from one's own blood. It is the process of separating the blood taken from the patient's own body with special methods into plasma and reinjecting it into the necessary areas. It is a method that is not only valid for hair, but can also be applied for skin problems.

Acell + PRP Hair Treatment Benefits

Today, one of the most important aesthetic problems is hair loss. Hair loss due to various reasons is caused by stress, malnutrition, insufficient and unbalanced sleep, chronic diseases and hereditary factors. ACELL + PRP injection formula has positive effects on tissue regeneration and healing by using the primary functions of stem cells. Thus, by increasing the quality of the hair, it prevents future hair loss and supports the growth of stronger and thicker hair. It has been clinically proven that it provides great support for treatment even in alopecia disease. Since it has a feature that accelerates wound healing, it is very beneficial to use before and after hair transplantation.

How is it Applied? When Does It Give Results?

The solution obtained by using the patient's own blood, various vitamins and specially formulated drugs is prepared in an average of one hour. Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be applied, so that the patient survives the operation very easily and does not feel any pain. The prepared solution is for single use only, it is used only in the session that will take place. Sedation is applied to patients who do not feel comfortable under anesthesia or who have allergies . The most important feature of PRP hair treatment is to increase the production of hair by activating dead or inactive cells, so that the hair grows in a more lively and healthy way.

After PRP injection, new hair starts to grow from the 5th month. After the positive result of the PRP treatment, which works to stop the hair loss and heal the scalp, new hair will start to grow.

Whar is the Benefits of Acell + PRP Injection for Hair and Skin?

  • Prevent hair loss, strengthen hair strands
  • collagen production, it eliminates wrinkles and heals depressions.
  • Brings elasticity and shine to the skin
  • Nourished skin heals wounds and skin damage much faster
  • PRP injection also has Achilles , which is mostly found in athletes. treats tendon injuries without surgery.
  • Face, hand, arm, décolleté, neck and inner thighs are areas that are treated in medical aesthetics.

PRP hair treatment is applied twice a month for 30 minutes, once every 15 days. Although the completion of the sessions varies from person to person, it takes 4 months on average. After this process is completed, it will be sufficient to repeat it once a year. Since PRP plasma is obtained from the person's own blood, it does not cause any allergies. It can be easily applied by anyone who complains about hair health.

Where Prp Injection is Used in Pain Treatment

  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Hip joint calcification
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Tennis and golfer's elbow pain
  • Anterior cruciate ligament ruptures in knee and shoulder
  • Ankle sprains
  • Heel spur
  • Muscle tensions (cushion pains)

Aging of the skin is a condition that occurs when the production of important chemicals such as collagen , which gives elasticity to the skin, slows down. Skin rejuvenation treatments developed in this sense are developed with the most natural methods, in other words, by obtaining the components in the person's own veins. At this point, blood is a very important component, and one of the most important reasons for aging of the skin and loss of hair is the inability of sufficient blood to reach these areas over time. Here, PRP treatment is a process that has the task of eliminating this deficiency, it heals these areas that cannot be fed enough by feeding them.

Order to get the best results of PRP injection, it is very important to apply all the sessions deemed necessary by the experts without interruption.

What is Hair Laser?

Unhealthy living conditions such as the stress of modern city life, air pollution and oxygen deficiency affect our hair health negatively. In addition, genetic factors, advanced age, thyroid diseases and deficiency of many important vitamins also cause hair loss. Hair stands at an important point in aesthetic appearance, so even if the areas opened as a result of shedding are very small, it affects the appearance negatively and harms the self-confidence of people. With the hair laser treatment, the thinned hair strands regain their former strength and the shedding is stopped in a very short time.

What is Hair Laser?

How is Hair Laser Treatment Applied?

Expert dermatologists consult and analyze the hair, the number of sessions and how often it will be done are determined according to the degree of hair loss. Afterwards, small channels are opened on the scalp and treatment serum is applied. This applied serum is fed with massage so that it reaches every area equally. Thus, the serum spreads evenly and this area is relaxed thanks to the massage. In the second stage, laser pulses are made on the capillaries that have stopped their activity under the hairy area, and the blood circulation in that area is activated. With medical (nourishing) serum and derma en , the function of laser application is increased. By stimulating the hair follicles with laser beams, they are activated again for protein synthesis and cell renewal. This application, which is a tremendous team effort, is one of the most successful technologies in hair treatment.

With this treatment, new hair follicles develop and grow, and existing hair becomes stronger and thicker. It is not an aesthetic application , it is a treatment method based on nourishing the hair as an organ and the result is always very pleasing. In the first stage, it is applied as a 20-minute session twice a week. Depending on the size of the problem experienced by each person, visible results are obtained with an average of 4 months, 1 session per week. In order to achieve the most definitive result, it is of key importance not to interrupt the treatment and to apply it for 6 months. With hair laser, which is a one-to-one treatment method for almost everyone who has hair problems, it is possible to have full and shiny hair with natural methods, painless and extremely safe.

Be Applied With Hair Transplantation!

Another important advantage of hair laser treatment in combination with hair transplantation treatment. It provides better results when applied for 15 days or 1 month before hair transplantation. Because it nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, the transplanted hair adapts to the roots faster and the healing process takes place very quickly.

Hair grows much faster and prevents the loss of the transplanted grafts. The sensitivity that occurs after transplantation is treated with laser, resulting in a faster recovery. In this sense, laser transplantation is a treatment method that should be preferred.

Hair Laser for Women

While hair transplantation is mostly preferred by men, hair laser treatment is especially preferred by women. Hair loss seen in women is hereditary at a rate of 60%, other than that, the reasons are due to various diseases. Goiter hormone, vitamin deficiencies, especially iron and protein, female hormone estrogen etc. reasons are among the main causes of spillage. If the shedding is caused by hormonal reasons, the treatment process is carried out jointly with the gynecologist.

The main technologies developed for hair treatment; PRP injection growth factor therapy, hair mesotherapy, hair transplantation. Especially at the end of the 6-month period in laser treatment, visible improvements are recorded in the hair.

Hair loss causes a great loss of motivation in people, but it is now very easy to avoid this with today's technologies. It is also extremely important for people to consult a dermatologist before proceeding with the treatment options mentioned above, because hair loss can sometimes be caused by serious conditions. If the shedding is very severe, patients should have their blood values checked and their hormone values measured.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my hair be like the first day?

If the treatments are applied without interruption, the hair will be as vibrant and strong as before.

  1. Is it harmful for health?

It has no harm or side effects.

  1. How long do these treatments last?

Since there are applications for nourishing the hair, it will be sufficient to apply once or twice a year after the first treatment.

  1. The definitive solution to spillage?

Specially prepared serums are prepared primarily to stop shedding. It definitely stops hair loss.