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IstanbulVita provides service in Turkey's largest and most comprehensive hospital.

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We make it like in your dream!

With 15 years of experience and expert staff, we do not perform the same procedure for everyone, but carry out our operations according to their needs and in line with personal planning.

We know how important obesity is and we focus on every detail so that you can have the body shape of your dreams, and we perform the operation after we are sure of what you want.

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- Best clinic of the year

Best of the year (2021)

The most important thing is to be rewarded for all our hard work. IstanbulVita was chosen as the best hair transplant and plastic surgery center of the year at the 2021 best of the year award, attended by many famous names. We are proud.

Totally Satisfied istanbul vita satisfied comments
4.96 stars from over 261 reviews

I would like to thank all my friends who took care of me before and after the hair transplant, everything was beautiful, of course, the result is such that many people do not even understand that the hair is transplanted, thank you ver...

Lance Pierson
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I had a hair transplant before. but I didn't get the result I wanted. I had it done at IstanbulVita hair transplant center 4 months ago. This time I got completely different results. Thanks to the whole team, I wish you good luck. 👍...

Mitchell Cropper
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Last year, I saw it on social media and decided to have a hair transplant. I am now 9 months old. My hair is very natural and thick. I left very satisfied All the staff were very interested at first, everyone who contributed Thank you ...

Grant Selby
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I applied for my nose operation, I chose this place based on the comments from many clinics, I am very satisfied with my operation results compared to the first two weeks (:

Dakota Willard
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I don't know why, but I had an asymmetry disorder in my breasts as long as I knew myself. For a long time, I didn't care much, but as I got older, it started to hurt my eyes. It is a nightmare for women that it is in a size that can be...

Rebeccah Verity
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get answers about Obesity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can have gastric sleeve surgery?

    Gastric sleeve surgery; People who are extremely obese (ie those with a Body Mass Index over 40 kg/m²) have a body mass index of 35-40 and suffer from hypertension, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, etc. due to obesity. It is suitable for those who suffer from ailments.

  • What are the nutritional processes after sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

    After sleeve gastrectomy, your nutritional processes should proceed under the control of a bariatric dietitian. After the surgery, the first 15 days are fed with liquid and the second 15 days with puree. As of the first month, solid nutrition is started.

  • How long does gastric sleeve surgery take?

    Although the duration of the operation does not differ much, it takes about 1 hour.

  • How many days do I need to stay in the hospital?

    After the operation, the patient should stay in the hospital for 3 nights under observation.

  • Is sleeve gastrectomy a painful process after surgery?

    The pain experienced after the surgery is gas pain. As of the 4th hour after the surgery, walking will help you get rid of the gas, and your pain will pass in a short time.

  • When will I return to my daily life?

    After sleeve gastrectomy, patients can meet their personal needs by the fourth hour. After discharge, it is quickly returned to daily life.

  • Is there any chance of the stomach growing again?

    After gastric sleeve surgery, there may be some increase in stomach volume. However, the stomach never returns to its pre-operative volume. This growth is not at a rate to be feared.

  • Will I need to take medicine for the rest of my life?

    After sleeve gastrectomy surgery, approximately 95% of patients can continue their lives without the need for any supplements.

  • When will I start losing weight?

    It is possible to lose 10%-20% of weight in the first 3 months by following the diet and exercise program after the surgery. In the next 6 months, 30-35% of weight is lost, and the desired weight is reached in the remaining months.

  • Will sagging occur after bariatric surgery?

    Depending on the person's body and skin type, sagging may occur. Exercises after surgery are also very important in this sense. It is possible to prevent sagging with regular exercises.

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We make it like in your dream!

Obesity Before & After

Check out the results of dozens of Obesity Surgery we have done! Let's talk together about what kind of result you will get before the operation.

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