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IstanbulVita provides service in Turkey's largest and most comprehensive hospital.

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With 15 years of experience and expert staff, we do not perform the same procedure for everyone, but carry out our operations according to their needs and in line with personal planning.

We know how important liposuction is and we focus on every detail so that you can have the body shape of your dreams, and we perform the operation after we are sure of what you want.

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- Best clinic of the year

Best of the year (2021)

The most important thing is to be rewarded for all our hard work. IstanbulVita was chosen as the best hair transplant and plastic surgery center of the year at the 2021 best of the year award, attended by many famous names. We are proud.

Totally Satisfied istanbul vita satisfied comments
4.96 stars from over 261 reviews

I would like to thank all my friends who took care of me before and after the hair transplant, everything was beautiful, of course, the result is such that many people do not even understand that the hair is transplanted, thank you ver...

Lance Pierson
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I had a hair transplant before. but I didn't get the result I wanted. I had it done at IstanbulVita hair transplant center 4 months ago. This time I got completely different results. Thanks to the whole team, I wish you good luck. 👍...

Mitchell Cropper
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Last year, I saw it on social media and decided to have a hair transplant. I am now 9 months old. My hair is very natural and thick. I left very satisfied All the staff were very interested at first, everyone who contributed Thank you ...

Grant Selby
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I applied for my nose operation, I chose this place based on the comments from many clinics, I am very satisfied with my operation results compared to the first two weeks (:

Dakota Willard
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I don't know why, but I had an asymmetry disorder in my breasts as long as I knew myself. For a long time, I didn't care much, but as I got older, it started to hurt my eyes. It is a nightmare for women that it is in a size that can be...

Rebeccah Verity
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get answers about Liposuction

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who cannot undergo liposuction?

    Liposuction (fat removal) is not a weight loss method. It is a contour correction operation. We do not recommend this application in patients with a very high height / weight ratio.

  • How much fat can be taken?

    It is ideal to take an average of 6% of the patient's body weight. Sometimes this rate may vary from person to person and may increase. However, larger amounts increase post-operative risks.

  • Before what age is it not recommended to apply?

    We do not recommend having liposuction before the age of 18 because it is not suitable for body development.

  • Which fats are removed with laser liposuction?

    It can be applied to any area with regional redundancy.

  • Can there be lubrication again after the operation?

    There is a certain number of fat cells in our body. This number does not change much. When we gain weight, fat cells expand. Even if the patient gains weight in the operated area, there is less lubrication compared to other areas.

  • Is Liposuction Surgery permanent?

    Yes, it is a permanent method. The thing that patients should pay attention to is not to gain too much weight. If the patient gains 5 kilos or more, his body will be deformed.

  • In which regions does it work best?

    With the developing technological methods, very good results are obtained in every field. The jowl, arm, abdomen, leg, back and chest area in men are the areas we apply the most.

  • What should be considered after the application?

    Starting diet and exercise at the time recommended by your doctor and making it a lifestyle makes the result and efficiency of the application permanent.

  • What is the weight of young people among patients?

    Although we have patients from all age groups, our patients are mostly between the ages of 20-40.

  • How are liposuction prices determined?

    Pricing is determined by the number of regions. It should not be forgotten that the liposuction operation should be performed by specialist doctors in a full-fledged hospital.

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Check out the results of dozens of Liposuction operation we have done! Let's talk together about what kind of result you will get before the operation.

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