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IstanbulVita provides service in Turkey's largest and most comprehensive hospital.

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We make it like in your dream!

With 15 years of experience and expert staff, we do not perform the same procedure for everyone, but carry out our operations according to their needs and in line with personal planning.

We know how important breast surgery is and we focus on every detail so that you can have the breast of your dreams, and we perform the operation after we are sure of what you want.

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- Best clinic of the year

Best of the year (2021)

The most important thing is to be rewarded for all our hard work. IstanbulVita was chosen as the best hair transplant and plastic surgery center of the year at the 2021 best of the year award, attended by many famous names. We are proud.

Totally Satisfied istanbul vita satisfied comments
4.96 stars from over 261 reviews

I would like to thank all my friends who took care of me before and after the hair transplant, everything was beautiful, of course, the result is such that many people do not even understand that the hair is transplanted, thank you ver...

Lance Pierson
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I had a hair transplant before. but I didn't get the result I wanted. I had it done at IstanbulVita hair transplant center 4 months ago. This time I got completely different results. Thanks to the whole team, I wish you good luck. 👍...

Mitchell Cropper
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Last year, I saw it on social media and decided to have a hair transplant. I am now 9 months old. My hair is very natural and thick. I left very satisfied All the staff were very interested at first, everyone who contributed Thank you ...

Grant Selby
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I applied for my nose operation, I chose this place based on the comments from many clinics, I am very satisfied with my operation results compared to the first two weeks (:

Dakota Willard
Verified Comments Verified Rating

I don't know why, but I had an asymmetry disorder in my breasts as long as I knew myself. For a long time, I didn't care much, but as I got older, it started to hurt my eyes. It is a nightmare for women that it is in a size that can be...

Rebeccah Verity
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should Be Considered When Choosing Breast Prosthesis?

    Choosing a breast prosthesis is like choosing clothes. In this selection, you should know your lifestyle, body measurements, desired appearance and body type. You will first decide which type and size of prosthesis you would like to use.

  • Does Breast Silicone Cause Allergies?

    Breast silicone is a substance used extensively in the cosmetics and food industries and is one of the most adaptable substances to the body. Therefore, allergy to silicone is an extremely rare condition.

  • Will Silicone Come Out From The Nipple?

    Silicone is not a fluid substance like water, and its outer surface is also quite durable. It does not explode with any impact, falling or squeezing. However, if a sharp object enters as a result of stabbing, shooting or a traffic accident, it is punctured, but in this case it does not disperse in the tissue. If this happens, it is necessary to remove the silicone implant and insert a new one.

  • From which area is the breast prosthesis placed?

    Whether the breast prosthesis is submuscular or supermuscular is determined by the patient's breast tissue and the condition of the breast. It is not correct to say that the under-muscle is healthier or the upper-muscle is better. Things that are effective in determining the size of the breast prosthesis; The patient's request is the structure of the rib cage, the muscle condition, the condition of the breast tissue, breast sagging, skin thickness and measurement.

  • Is There Any Scar After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    There is almost no scarring after breast augmentation surgeries. However, where and how big the surgical scar will be is a very important issue. If an incision is made on our body and it goes down under the skin, we cannot say that there is definitely a scar. But this scar usually takes the skin color within 1-1.5 years and becomes vague.

  • Does Breast Silicone Cause Cancer?

    There is no such risk when good breast prostheses are used. It is not affected by post-operative ultrasound and mammography. You can do it easily. Non-allergic prostheses are used, which are most suitable for the body structure of the patient, and they do not contain carcinogenic substances and do not contain cancer risk.

  • Should Breast Prostheses Be Replaced?

    If there is no problem, breast prostheses do not need constant care and do not need to be changed at regular intervals. However, in a very low probability, if there is a wear, tear or other problem in the prosthesis, the breast prosthesis should be replaced.

  • Is Silicone-free Breast Augmentation Performed?

    The breast is enlarged only by a surgical procedure on the chest. I do not find it right to handle the breast tissue, as the fillings made to the breast tissue are not permanent. For this reason, silicones placed under the muscle are safer in breast augmentation.

  • What is the Ideal Age for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

    There is no age limit for breast augmentation surgery as long as the health status of individuals is available. Even patients over the age of 60 sometimes perform breast surgery, but we do not recommend having an operation before the age of 18 for young patients.

  • Can breast prosthesis be applied for a single breast?

    Breast prosthesis can also be applied to one breast in case of congenital deformities or loss of one breast. Usually the shape of the breasts is not the same and one is smaller than the other. However, from the outside, this change is not very obvious. If there is no difference in its appearance, a prosthesis is applied for one breast. However, if there is a certain difference in the other breast, it may need to be applied to both breasts.

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We make it like in your dream!

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