What is Vaginoplasty (Labiaplasty) and What are the Costs?
Plastic Surgery Monday 21st of March 2022

What to know about vaginal rejuvenation? Procedure and Cost?

With the surgical field, which is called Vaginoplasty in the medical language, it is aimed to correct the deformations that occur in the genital organs of women and to give them a more aesthetic form. Vaginoplasty is one of the most preferred areas of aesthetic surgery as well as labiaplasty operations in the field of cosmetic gynecology. Since these surgeries are in the field of gynecology, they are performed by a gynecologist.

Why Does the Vagina Enlarge?

Vagina; advancing age, normal birth or multiple birth, abortion, sexual intercourse, etc. expands as a result of actions. The most important cause of enlargement is the birth process. Especially during difficult births, the muscles and connective tissues in the genital area are torn, which causes permanent enlargement of the vagina. In addition, during normal delivery, the baby does not go down and cesarean section application causes enlargement of the vagina. Some women have a genetically increased structure of vaginal connective tissue elasticity due to congenital reasons. Even if these people have never given birth, they may not get enough pleasure during sex and may feel this relaxation.

With vaginoplasty developed for all these situations, the genital organs of women are corrected and given a tighter structure, so women have a higher level of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

The name of vaginoplasty, which is performed by many gynecologists, among gynecological operations is 'colporaphy posterior', which means posterior repair. The standard size of the vagina, which is 8-9 centimeters, is brought to this standard size in case of enlargement. In vaginoplasty surgery, triangular shaped excess tissue is removed with incisions made in the inner part of the vagina. Afterwards, the operation is terminated with transverse sutures and narrowing is achieved. Thus, the posterior wall of the organ is narrowed from the entrance to the end.

Why Does the Vagina Enlarge?

Problems Caused by an Enlarged Vagina

The enlargement of the vagina over time causes the lack of sexual satisfaction during intercourse and as a result, the loss of self-confidence in people. This situation, which is a very important issue within the scope of bilateral relations, is one of the biggest obstacles to a healthy union. Sexual life, which is an extremely important issue for a healthy union, leads to breakups at the point where it does not make the partners happy.

Another negative situation caused by the enlargement of the vagina is the problems that directly concern health. Having a wide mouth, the vagina becomes more prone to many diseases.

Vaginoplasty Surgery

The aim of these surgeries is to bring the enlarged vagina to its normal size. Therefore, the operations of a woman who has given birth and a woman who has never given birth are different. Vaginal tightening surgeries are two-stage, both internal and external. According to the size of the enlargement, a narrowing of 7-8 cm is achieved from the inside, so that the length of the vagina does not decrease, only the width of the canal is completely narrowed.

Vaginoplasty operations are extremely simple operations, but there are still some issues to be considered. Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the genital area after the operation, and this area should be kept dry at all times. Since the strains that may occur during defecation may adversely affect the vagina, it should be fed with foods and beverages that will keep the risk of constipation to a minimum.

Partial bleeding can be experienced in this area for an average of 2 weeks after the operation, this is expected, but if the bleeding is severe, a doctor should be consulted. During the treatment period, it is very important to use the drugs prescribed by the doctor and to apply the dressings. During this period, physical activities should be kept to a minimum, heavy gymnastic movements should be avoided and sports activities should be suspended.

Complications that may occur after vaginoplasty surgery are the risk of bleeding and infections. However, if the doctor's instructions are followed, as long as the person takes good care of himself and rests, the risks of these complications will disappear.

Will there be re-expansion after surgery?

surgical vaginoplasty is not an expected situation. However, if the patient is at a very young age and gives birth or deliveries in the future, re-enlargement may occur. Under normal conditions, surgical vaginoplasty is a permanent procedure and the need for repetition is not an expected situation.

Vaginoplasty Surgery Be Performed During Childbirth?

It is not possible to perform this surgery during or immediately after birth. Since pregnancy is a very difficult process on its own, many physiological changes occur at this stage. The baby passing through the cervix during delivery has a high risk of developing edema here. During pregnancy, bleeding occurs in the uterus, risks of infection occur, and bleeding increases in the timeframes close to delivery and during delivery. In other words, if pregnancy means a very critical process, it is extremely dangerous to perform this surgery during childbirth.

Laser Vaginoplasty

Vaginal tightening with laser; It is applied in patients who experience bladder and uterine prolapse, if they are in a condition that will interfere with satisfaction during sexual intercourse. In the majority of these patients, unpleasant situations such as urinary incontinence are experienced during sudden reflexes such as heavy lifting, laughing and coughing. All of these problems are solved with laser therapy.

Pain during sexual intercourse occurs in patients who have an infection in the uterus and especially in cases of vaginal dryness that occurs during menopause. With the laser process, which is a very useful operation in the solution of these problems, the uterine canal is narrowed, rejuvenated and wetting is provided. Laser vaginoplasty is a very useful treatment for all non-virgin women who have an active sexual life and can be easily applied.

Laser Vaginoplasty Successful?

Another curious subject is how much narrowing the laser provides. With the laser, blood supply in the vaginal wall and an increase in the amount of collagen are provided, thus rejuvenation and a much more elastic structure is obtained in the vagina. Another important contribution is the elimination of dryness in the vagina due to some reasons. By balancing the pH of the vagina with the laser, vaginal infections are prevented.

Considering all these results, laser vaginoplasty surgery is a very useful application. These operations, which are painless and without the need for anesthesia, are in demand because they keep both risk factors and complications to a minimum, since they are not included in the scope of surgery. After an average of 3 weeks from the application, partners can have sexual intercourse.

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty Surgeries

It is not the right behavior to give a price for any treatment method that requires surgical operation. In addition, since the surgical requirements of each person are different, the price range may vary. Before the operation, patients should be examined, have one-on-one meetings with the specialist gynecologist, and convey their complaints to the specialist, so a road map for the operation is drawn and the surgical requirements are determined.

Laser Vaginoplasty

Labiaplasty (Genital Aesthetics)

Labiaplasty, which is a plastic surgery similar to vaginoplasty, corrects the deformations in the outer lip and inner lips surrounding the vagina. The inner lips are under the outer lips, do not contain hair and fat cells, and are rich in blood and nerve endings and are moist. In the part corrected by labiaplasty, these inner lips are 'Labia Mimora'. The labia minora may start to grow (or genetically large) and droop due to many reasons. With labiaplasty, these excess tissues are corrected by a specialist doctor, giving a much more aesthetic appearance.

Genital aesthetic surgeries such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are increasing day by day, so it is one of the most frequently applied applications today. A larger than normal size or sagging of the inner lips initially disturbs people psychologically, damages their self-confidence, causes sexual reluctance, and causes an unpleasant appearance in clothes such as bikinis.

Who Can Do Labiaplasty?

It is an aesthetic operation applied over time or congenital sagging and growths in the vagina. This elongation, sagging and asymmetrical conditions that occur in the genital area are performed very simply with labiaplasty with only one session of operation. Sometimes one of the inner lips may be larger than the other, then this operation is performed on only one lip. Since the inner lips come out of the outer lips and cause a very bad appearance, this surgery provides positive physiological and psychological returns.

labiaplasty , some of which are loss of confidence, deterioration in physical appearance, frequently recurring vaginal infection, pain during sexual intercourse, hygiene and problems during menstruation, etc. Since labiaplasty surgery directly concerns the genital area and this organ is extremely sensitive, it can cause fear and shyness on patients. On the contrary, labiaplasty , which is an extremely simple procedure ; It is performed using one of general, local or spinal anesthesia, the procedure lasts between 45-90 minutes on average and the patients do not feel any pain. This surgery can be performed by anyone who has come of age.

What are the advantages?

  • Pain during sexual intercourse ends
  • The vagina gains an aesthetic appearance as before
  • People can wear whatever they want and wear the bikini with confidence.
  • The person regains his self-confidence
  • The person gets rid of the psychological and physiological problems they experience.

How is Laser Vagina Whitening Performed?

The vulva, which is the outer part of the vagina, darkens for various reasons. Especially during pregnancy, as a result of the secretion of estrogen hormone in the most intense state, this area called the vulva begins to darken. This situation, which is mostly seen in dark-skinned women, becomes much more pronounced. Factors causing darkening in the vagina other than estrogen hormone, hormonal drugs used, hormonal disorders, birth control pills, polycystic ovarian syndrome and skin diseases.

Apart from these, wrong and unhealthy applications applied to this area can cause darkening in epilation, hot wax, epilation and razor, as well as in tight or synthetic clothing, and excessive weight. Darkening in the vagina can occur later, or it can be congenital.

laser process

This area is successfully whitened with erbium fat laser. Before the procedure, this area is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams so that no pain or ache is felt during the application. With an average of 20 to 25 minutes of application, laser beams break down the melanocyte cells and prevent the production of melanin , and as a result, this area becomes white. Swelling, edema and redness may occur in this area after the procedure, and this is a very normal situation. After the application, this area darkens and the dead skin tissue starts to fall off, white and healthy new skin tissue comes out from under it.

epidermis layer in the uppermost layer of the skin is peeled off and spilled, thus revealing the healthy, pink tissue under this layer. With the laser process, the vagina area, breech, lips inside the vagina and the entire anal area are whitened.

Things to pay attention

After the laser whitening process, the creams given by the doctor should be applied to this area for 1 week. Not touching the treated area with water for 2 days will provide faster healing. If all these processes are taken care of, recovery will be achieved within 10 days. While 1 session is sufficient for the whitening process in light-skinned people, 2-3 sessions may be required in people with dark skin or hormonal disorders.

Laser therapy is a fairly simple procedure that does not cause pain. Patients can easily return to their work/social life after the procedure.

Laser beams that reach 3-4 mm deep into the skin do not have any side effects on the skin. This distance is quite superficial and only affects the outer layer. Laser whitening does not have any negative side effects on sexual life, uterus and does not cause infertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Vaginoplasty done?

To improve the enlargement of the vagina and give it a tighter structure.

  1. Labiaplasty done?

Wrapping, growth, etc. on the inner and outer lips, which are the outer structure of the vagina. to correct deformities and provide a more aesthetic appearance.

  1. When can a person return to his sexual life after vaginoplasty surgery?

vaginoplasty and labiaplasty surgery. After the recovery is complete , it is possible to return to sexual life.

  1. What are the most popular vaginal rejuvenation surgeries?

Labiaplasty , that is, the area that concerns the lips, and vaginoplasty , that is, vaginal canal surgeries, are the most frequently preferred surgeries.

  1. What are the psychological problems experienced by people as a result of vaginal loosening?

These situations cause a loss of self-confidence in people as they cause an aesthetically bad appearance and also prevent pleasure during sexual intercourse.

  1. Are vaginal rejuvenation surgeries risky?

There is a risk of bleeding and infection in vaginoplasty surgery, but these are very small possibilities. The surgeries are mostly performed successfully and the patients continue their lives much happier.

  1. genital area surgeries painful?

Since anesthesia is applied during the operations, the patients do not feel any pain and pain.

  1. Will there be any scars due to surgical intervention?

No trace remains. Since this area remains inside, no bad scars are visible.

  1. Genital area surgeries?

These surgeries are performed by gynecologists.

  1. When can the patient take a shower after the surgery?

This situation, which is mostly dependent on the doctor's directive, can generally take a shower within 1 week.

  1. Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty surgery?

Since these surgeries directly affect the sexual life of the patients, the surgery is also for this purpose. Since the vaginal canal narrows after vaginoplasty surgery, patients will get more pleasure during intercourse. On the other hand, with labiaplasty surgery, the drooping lips will be given a much more aesthetic appearance and the self-confidence of the patients will be restored.