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What is Sedated Hair Transplantation? - Painless hair transplantation

Hair loss is a problem seen in men and women. As a solution, a hair transplantation operation is recommended. Although hair transplantation is a method that has been used for years; however, people fear hair transplantation due to various reasons like pain or the general fear/anxiety of surgery.

Today, it is possible to perform painless hair transplantation with modern technology. Thus, sedated hair transplantation offers an easy and painless operation.

What is Sedated Hair Transplantation?

The other name for sedation hair transplantation is narcosis hair transplantation. Sedation, like other anaesthetics, is an application that sedates the person for about 10 minutes. The person is injected via medicine through his arm to start the sedative process. Thanks to sedated hair transplantation, the client will leave the operation room with painless hair transplantation.

What is sedation?

We can divide sedation into 3 forms: minimal, moderate and heavy. Minimal sedation is used to relieve anxiety. Moderate sedation suppresses consciousness and has little effect on the person, the person may respond tactilely and verbally. Heavy sedation is preferred in extremely painful operations. Sedation should be done in the hospital and by a specialist doctor.

How is Sedated Hair Transplantation Performed?

Through the sedated hair transplant method, the person must first be examined by the anesthesiologist. Then, it is administered by the anesthesiologist who starts the sedative process by injecting the person’s arm. The drug administered intravenously shows its effect immediately. Thanks to this drug, the person relaxes and does not feel anything throughout the operation.

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After sedation, the person is conscious and goes into a light sleep state. Thanks to the relaxing effect of sedation, the person does not feel the anaesthesia needles for hair transplantation in any way. The state of semi-drowsiness, where the person is painless and painless, lasts for 10 minutes. Thus, the person gets rid of the stress and excitement experienced due to the surgery and does not feel the hair transplant application.

While the person is under sedation, the area where the hair transplant will be performed is anaesthetized with local anaesthesia. In this way, the predetermined FUE hair transplantSapphire FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant technique can be applied painlessly and painlessly.

In which situations sedation hair transplant is applied?

During the hair transplant operation, some people can be treated with local anaesthesia and some people with sedation. In sedated hair transplant, which is among the anaesthesia methods that allow the person to survive the hair transplant surgery pain-free, the person can survive the surgery comfortably and painlessly.

To whom sedated hair transplantation can be applied:

  • People with needle phobia
  • Heart or blood pressure patients
  • Often have a very low pain threshold
  • People with anxiety disorders

What is the difference between Sedation and General Anesthesia?

There are several differences between sedation and general anaesthesia. People under general anaesthesia experience complete loss of consciousness. This means that the person will not feel, hear or remember anything from general anaesthesia. However, the state of being very sleepy or relaxed can be achieved with sedation.

Are There Advantages of Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Since sedation hair transplantation is an application that has no side effects, it is highly preferred today. Hair transplantation with sedation is a hair transplantation method that does not have any disadvantages. In this method, there is no pain, pain and excitement in the person. Sedated hair transplantation allows the specialist doctor who performs the hair transplant surgery to work comfortably and properly.

Some people do not want to have hair transplantation because they are uncomfortable with the needle and the pain. However, with the sedated hair transplant method, people can now have hair transplantation more conveniently and comfortably.

Sedated transplantation is also used in beard transplantation.

What are the risks of hair transplantation with sedation?

There is no risk in a sedated hair transplant operation. Since hair transplantation operations performed with sedation will be more comfortable psychologically, the complication rates that may occur due to excitement or pain in the hair transplantation operation are also low.

Hair transplantation with sedation provides comfort and convenience instead of pain, pain and risks.

Does Sedated Hair Transplantation Have Any Harm?

Sedated hair transplant is a method preferred and applied by many people today, with positive results. Thanks to this method, people who want to have an operation have hair transplantation and have the appearance they want.

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Good results are obtained when sedated hair transplantation is performed in a professional clinic and by a specialist doctor.

What should be considered before a sedated hair transplant?

  • The person should take a break from the drugs used before the operation.
  • It is recommended to take a break from eating and drinking 10-12 hours before the sedated hair transplant procedure.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, diabetic teas and slimming products should be discontinued 1 week before the sedated hair transplant operation.

What is to be considered after a sedation hair transplant? 

  • After the sedated hair transplant operation, there should be absolutely no contact with the transplanted area for 48 hours.
  • The first wash should be done by a specialist doctor.
  • After hair transplantation, the transplanted area should be protected from the sun.
  • Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stopped for the first week after the hair transplant operation.
  • After the sedated hair transplant operation, a sauna, Turkish bath, solarium and swimming should not be allowed.
  • Medical shampoos should be used after hair transplantation.
  • Hair dryers or hair stylers should not be used after washing for 4 weeks after hair transplantation.
  • The area where hair transplantation is applied should be carefully protected, should not be slept on and contact should be avoided.

When does hair grow after a sedated hair transplant operation? 

Sedated hair transplantation means the application of sedation, which ensures that the person is comfortable during the operation and stays away from panic and stress.

Sedated Hair Transplantation After 10 – 15 Days

Wounds begin to heal 10-15 days after the hair transplant operation. The crusts fall off and the sensitive period of the healing process is left behind.

Sedated Hair Transplantation Between 1 and 3 Months

The transplanted hair grows; in this period, the hair that grows is shed with the process we call shock shedding. After the shock shedding, your new hair starts to grow.

Sedated Hair Transplantation Between 3 and 6 Months

In these months, the transplanted hair becomes stronger. Your permanent hair starts to grow.

Sedated Hair Transplant Between 8 Months and 1 Year

1 year after the Sedated Hair Operation, the hair transplantation process is finished.

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Sedated Hair Transplantation at IstanbulVita

Sedated hair transplant operations are performed by specialist doctors and their teams at Istanbul Vita hair transplant center. Before hair transplantation with sedation at IstanbulVita hair transplantation center, a personalized treatment method is determined and the hair transplantation process is started.

Istanbul Vita was selected as the best hair transplant center in the field of hair transplant and aesthetics in 2021 with its 15 years of experience. Paying attention to the best application of every technique, Istanbul Vita hair transplantation center also applies sedated hair transplantation in the best way. It also shows the necessary attention by following the hair of the person for a year after the hair transplant operation. You can fill out the form on our website to get detailed information about sedated hair transplant surgery.

Sedated Hair Transplant Cost

To give detailed information about the prices of sedated hair transplantation, the person must be examined. Details such as the expertise of the physician who will perform the sedated hair transplant, the technical equipment and the quality of the clinic are reflected in the sedated hair transplant cost. Many aspects such as the size of the area in the hair transplant process vary in price.