What is Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Abdominoplasty? Costs?
Plastic Surgery Friday 11th of March 2022

What to know about liposuction, tummy tuck and abdominoplasty? costs?

Sagging, cracks and lubrication in the abdominal region due to various reasons with plastic surgery. It is called 'Tuck-Abdominoplasty'. One of the most important reasons for this situation, especially seen in women, is pregnancy; Deep slits and sagging occur in the abdomen, which loses its elasticity after birth. Likewise, after sudden and intense weight gain, such as obesity, fat accumulation and sagging occur in this region. Tummy meaning tight tummy With Tuck, all problems in the abdomen are treated and permanent results are obtained.

In classical tummy tuck operations, sagging and deformations occurring under the navel are repaired, while in Tummy Tuck, this procedure covers the abdomen, lower abdomen, waist and groin. This technique, which has a very in-depth treatment principle, also includes other aesthetic applications. E.g; If there is intense fat in the counted areas, a full tightening is achieved by using techniques such as classical liposuction, laser liposuction and lipolysis.

Who Is Suitable For Abdominoplasty?

Suffer from excessive weight and ossified adipose tissue in the abdomen that cannot be removed despite regular sports and diet practices. Serious sagging occurs in this area after cesarean births, multiple or successive births, unfortunately any sport is useless for such cases because the skin in the abdomen loses its elasticity as a result of excessive stretching and its recovery is only possible with plastic surgery.

Likewise, in cases of excessive weight gain, mostly obesity, the fat masses accumulated in the abdomen become ossified, making it difficult to burn. Therefore, even if patients lose weight, they have a hard time burning fat in areas such as abdomen, waist and hips. However, patients need surgical intervention for this situation, which is possible with liposuction.

Abdominoplasty surgery is suitable for patients struggling with these conditions, but if these people have chronic diseases such as diabetes, it is not possible to perform this surgery. Because diabetes prevents blood clotting, which causes a high risk of death in surgeries such as liposuction. In order for the wounds to heal quickly, for the unexpected complications not to occur, for the surgery to be successful, the patients should not have any disease such as diabetes.

Who Is Suitable For Abdominoplasty?

Surgery and Recovery Process

The speed of recovery and return to active life after surgery may vary depending on the person's lifestyle and diet. The process of staying in the hospital depends on the health condition of the person, specialists may ask them to wait a few hours or a few days if they deem necessary. It is quite normal to feel a little pain and pain in the first days, but with the painkillers given by the doctor, this process will be overcome even more mildly. Your doctor will check when you can shower and how often dressings need to be changed. Stitches located outside the abdomen will be removed after the first week, while the other stitches are self-dissolving stitches, so there is no need for an extra procedure.

The scars become blurred and disappear in an average of 1 year, not completely, but because they are in the bikini area, they do not have a striking appearance. After the first week, people can start walking slowly, and they can start to exercise, not to choose from heavy movements.

What is Brachioplasty (Arm Lift – Leg Lift)?

Brachioplasty is the process of cutting the skin from the elbow to the armpit and up to the breast according to the severity of the sagging. These sagging can occur with aging, as well as after diseases such as obesity. The skin structure, which loses its elasticity as a result of intense weight, erodes and sags, deep cracks, accumulated and scattered adipose tissues cannot be recovered with any sports branch. Definitive and permanent results are obtained with arm and leg stretching 'Brachioplasty' developed for the treatment of such conditions. With this treatment, which is a very pleasing procedure, patients both gain self-confidence and continue their lives in a more active and healthy way.


After the operation, pain will naturally be felt for a while, painkillers taken under the control of a doctor and in more extreme situations, antibiotic treatment will be applied, this process will be milder. After the operation, dressings should be done without interruption and the stitches should be removed in the second week. In any unexpected situation, you should not neglect to consult your doctor.

Liposuction for sagging in the arms, because the condition that occurs as a result of weight in the arms and legs is sagging. Removal of sagging skin and muscles is only possible by cutting and removing them. In cases where an extra procedure is required after brachioplasty, liposuction can be preferred.

What are the Risks of Brachioplasty?

The risk factors vary according to the daily life of the patients. Alcohol, especially cigarettes, etc. Since consumables may adversely affect the healing process, its use should be terminated at least 2 weeks before the surgery and should not be used until the healing process is completed. Since the healing of the wounds may be later in this process, additional operations will be started in case of any infection or bleeding.

Infections that may develop will be treated with antibiotics, and classical painkillers will be administered for pain. Brachioplasty, which is a simple operation that does not carry high risks under normal conditions, gives very happy results if performed by specialist doctors in a hygienic clinic. Strictly complying with the treatment process and making healthy changes in life styles during this period will also stabilize the permanence of the surgery.

What Are the Risks of Brachioplasty?

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a regional lubrication problem that occurs as a result of malnutrition. Even if it is not a permanent and definitive solution, it is a very useful operation that gives people the opportunity to have a healthier body structure. After this operation, if the patients acquire regular sports habits and switch to a healthy diet, they will not need liposuction again.

Liposuction is not a diet or weight loss prescription; It is a surgical operation that performs slimming in a shorter but not very healthy way. It is the process of shaping the parts of the body such as the hips, neck, hips, legs, knees and abdomen, which have stubborn lubrication properties, by surgical operation. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia, the patient does not feel anything and returns to his normal life in a short time.

Liposuction is an application that is applied as a result of situations where all diet and exercise applications are not effective. These lubrication may be caused by the physiological structures of the people, for example; some people gain weight the fastest and most from the hip area, other from the waist area, etc. In such cases, liposuction is a one-to-one application for regional slimming.

Extreme conditions such as obesity also make it difficult to remove the accumulated fat from the body, and even with weakening, serious sagging occurs. For such cases, liposuction is not sufficient and additional techniques such as Tummy Tuck are required. With the tummy tuck, the sagging skin and muscles are cut and removed, then the accumulated fat tissue is removed by liposuction.

What Are Liposuction Types and Techniques?

Various increases have been achieved in liposuction applications with constantly developing technologies. These techniques are applied with 5 different techniques together with vacuum application, which is the most classical type of liposuction.

  • In vacuum assisted liposuction – SAL technique, a medical mixture is injected into the area to be treated before the surgery. Depending on the situation, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied. 2 mm opened in the area to be treated. ness Fat extraction is performed with cannulas by entering through the incisions.
  • Ultrasonic In liposuction – UAL technique, unlike classical liposuction, no surgical procedure is performed, in this respect it has a much more comfortable and risk-free feature. The process is applied by targeting only the points where fat cells accumulate with ultrasonic sound waves. Liposuction, which is performed in a way that does not harm the surrounding tissues, also gives very successful results with this technique. Unlike the classical technique, it takes longer.
  • Power assisted liposuction – PAL method is a method applied with the help of special moving cannulas. It is preferred for the removal of fat in much larger areas.
  • the water-assisted liposuction – WAL process, water is injected into the areas where the fat is present, making the fat more habitual. Fats that have become slurry are removed by pulling with cannulas in a much more practical way.
  • Radio-frequency assisted liposuction – After the fats are vacuumed with the RFAL classical liposuction method, the laser-heated skin is made more tense and tighter. Its difference from other liposuction applications is the tightness it provides in the area after the surgery.

Surgery Process

Liposuction surgery takes 1 to 3 hours on average, but this varies depending on the severity of the lubrication.

In some cases, the doctor performs the surgery gradually, the most appropriate amount from a medical point of view is between 2.5 and 4.5 liters per day on average. In order to compare the success rate of the surgery, photos can be taken before and after the operation and the result can be examined.

A medical mixture solution is injected into the area where the operation will be performed to relieve pain. This liquid contains lidocaine, which has analgesic properties, epinephrine, which constricts blood vessels and minimizes the risk of bleeding, serum and bicarbonate. These injected fluids allow both numbness in the area and the operation to be performed much easier. Subsequently, from the incisions opened in the region The oil is started to be vacuumed with cannulas. After the surgery, the incisions are left open for a short time in order to drain the accumulated fluid and prevent edema formation. After the procedure is completed, the incisions are stitched and the surgery is terminated.

Liposuction, it is very important to consume plenty of water and avoid harmful foods and beverages. In fact, it is very important for patients to make a radical change in their lifestyle, to have an active and sportive life, and to prefer fruit-vegetables and fibrous foods.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, the lubrication is terminated and then the body contour is developed and it is tried to be put into the most ideal shape. After the fat in areas such as the back, belly, waist, inside of the legs, inside of the knees and hips are evacuated with the help of vacuum, the phase of shaping the body is passed. This technique is the most advanced technique of liposuction and has brought a brand new breath to weight loss methods.

The founder of the aesthetic international health group, Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur gave information about the lipoesculpture they applied: Unlike liposuction, the application is made to the determined areas with much more minimal cannulas. These cannulas It is thinner and minimal than the cannulas used in liposuction, thus allowing a more effective application in the fatty area. With this application, which is approved by the FDA, the body is ideally shaped after the fat is removed. As a result of this procedure, a smooth body shape is formed and the patient also recovers in a short time.'

We Can Remove More Fat!

With this technique, many other negative effects are eliminated. While high vibration provides much more fat burning in a single session, it also minimizes post-operative pain and ache, and reduces the risk of swelling and bruising. This technique has been especially developed so that patients feel much less pain during the healing process.

Brazilian Butt Lift– Hip Augmentation

Brazilian Butt – Hip Augmentation

Brazilian butt lift, which is a highly demanded aesthetic operation by women, is a very simple operation and is suitable for almost everyone. If there is a lack of tissue in the butt and hip, the butt will have a low appearance. In addition, if there is fat in the waist and abdomen, feminine lines disappear completely.

Buttock fat injection takes place in two stages, and this area is thinned with fat taken from a certain part of the body. Thus, the area that is purified from excess fat is put into a thinner and tighter form. Then, these fats are injected into the area that is thought to be empty, so that a more lifted and curved hip is obtained.

First Stage Liposuction

Fat accumulated in certain parts of the body is removed under local or general anesthesia. The most important part of this process is to select the areas with excess fat and to shape the area after the fat is removed.

Second Stage Oil Injection

The extracted fats are injected into the area with the same cannulas . It is especially injected into the upper part of the butt, so that the butt appears raised and more shaped.


The most decisive process in this surgery is the liposuction stage. Depending on how much fat is taken from which areas, the patient should stay in the hospital, this process takes 1 or 2 days. A corset is used to prevent fluid accumulation and swelling in the areas where liposuction is applied. This corset is used for 1 month. Special pillows are used for up to 3 weeks in order to prevent the injected oils from being exposed to any pressure. After this process is completed, the patient can continue his normal life.

Some of the injected fat dissolves over time and approximately 60% remains. Thus, after the edema process is completed after the surgery, the body reaches the expected form and shows itself.


Tummy tuck, brachioplasty, liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift aesthetic operations have been in high demand in recent years. Especially the Brazilian hip has become a highly demanded operation by women due to the big hip fashion. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Nicki The huge hips of celebrities like Minaj are an important element that accelerates this trend. If you want to have big and full hips, which is an important factor in determining the golden ratio in women, all you need to do is to meet with our specialists in Istanbul Vita and visit our clinics.

Before starting these surgeries, the person should be examined and a determination should be made by the doctor. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain any price because one operation requires another additional operation. It is extremely important for patients to have one-on-one meetings with specialists, explain what they want, and be examined.