Europe's Best Clinics | 2023 Paris European Awards
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Winners of the European Awards 2023 | Best hair transplant clinic

On behalf of the entire Istanbul Vita team, it is our great pleasure and pride to announce to you, dear readers, that we were recently voted "Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe" at the European Awards in Paris in November. This prestigious award stands alongside two other trophies we have previously received, "The Most Successful Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year" and "The Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year" in Turkey.

Award for Europe's Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year 2023

The prestigious European Awards ceremony recognizes professionals and institutions for their outstanding work and remarkable contributions. This event promotes recognition in three sectors, namely medicine, technology, and law, for 4 consecutive editions in the City of Light of Paris.

Award for Europe's Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year 2023

This ceremony ensures that successful people are honored and all kinds of achievements are congratulated, admittedly, it is not just an ordinary night of trophy handovers, but rather an elite celebration that brings together leaders, experts, and visionaries to create future opportunities.

Value of the Prize

Turkey has won the best title at the European Awards in the field of hair transplant and transplant surgery for three years in a row. This recognition of value is a testament to years of hard work and constant development in hair transplant. La Vera and Serkan Aygın also received awards for the best hair transplant clinic in Europe for 2021-2022.

Receiving such a prestigious award is the goal of every professional, a recognition of their commitment and triumph in a city as beautiful as Paris.

The European Awards in Paris 2023 have an impact on the reputation of companies and professionals, as they are a way to promote and disseminate their latest achievements at an international level. This award is of significant value as it represents sophistication, excellence, and performance.

This high-profile event is characterized by a magical atmosphere where excellence and innovation are rewarded and the most diverse and successful people of the year come together.

In short, the presentation of the European Awards in Paris 2023 is an opportunity to recognize achievements around the world, and it plays an inspiring and motivating role for individuals or companies striving for excellence.

Istanbul Vita: The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in European Awards in Paris 2023

We are very proud to share some of our exciting news with you. Istanbul Vita was recently awarded the prestigious "Best Hair Transplant Clinic" award in Europe at the European Awards in Paris 2023. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and most importantly, the satisfaction and well-being of our valued customers.

Istanbul Vita: The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in European Awards in Paris 2023

The European Awards in Paris 2023 served as a muse for the company Istanbul Vita Clinic, which has gradually specialized in hair transplant and plans to receive this honorable award for "Best Hair Transplant Clinic" next year as well, as Hasan Başol said during the European Awards: "Hopefully next year we will be here as the best hair transplant in Turkey or in Europe and meet here"

Commitment to quality and Safety

The European Awards are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and trust. Istanbul Vita Clinic has set robust standards in the field of hair transplant. The clinic uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as the DHI technique with the CHOI pencil or the FUE SAPPHIRE technique with the sapphire pencil, to optimize the operation and achieve hair results that are much thicker and more natural than possible.

The European Awards will undoubtedly inspire, motivate, and spur our Istanbul Vita team to work harder and better to live up to the honorable award we won at the European Awards in Paris 2023.

Origins and History – Istanbul Vita

In Istanbul, the impressive city that fascinates many with its combination of history and modernity in both architecture and gastronomy, the director Hasan Başol has founded the hair clinic Istanbul Vita Clinic. His passion and interest in hair restoration and medical tourism inspired him to create this clinic, which already has 15 years of experience in the field. The main task of Istanbul Vita Clinic is to strengthen people's self-confidence through much thicker and more natural dream hair. Our clinic promises to provide an unforgettable experience for our dear patients who benefit from our expertise. This number rises to more than 25000 patients from all over the world who are looking for phenomenal and promising, albeit sustainable and natural solutions to their hair loss problem.

Growth & Development

Over the years, Istanbul Vita has become one of the leading best hair transplant clinic in Turkey and Europe, experiencing continuous growth and development with several 6000 procedures performed annually. The original goal has always been to put a smile on our customers' faces by changing their lives with the hair of their dreams.

About the Founder: Hasan Başol

About the Founder: Hasan Başol

Founder of Istanbul Vita, Hasan Başol, graduated from the prestigious Boğaziçi University in Istanbul with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a background in marketing and management, Hasan Başol has held several positions, including Senior Product Management Specialist at Gulf Oil for three and a half years, Pricing Manager at Turkcell, Corporate Marketing Director at Avea for almost two years, and Consumer Marketing Director for two years at Turk Telekom.

After these professional experiences, Başol decided to follow his dream and start his project, which is why he previously founded several companies such as Experads and Medistanbul, to finally establish Istanbul Vita Hair Transplant Clinic, to which he has since shown his dedication and professionalism.

Founder Hasan Başol is accompanied by a team of specialists, in the field of hair transplant Dr. Mustafa Ayhan Balci, and Dr. Özge Miray with a talented team of about 50 employees, divided into hair health experts and medical consultants who are fluent in 15 languages and ensure the well-being of patients during all procedures.

Pioneers of MIX Technology

At Istanbul Vita, we are constantly exploring new horizons in the field of hair transplant. We have developed the MIX technique, which is a combination of the DHI and FUE Sapphire hair transplant methods, to "take advantage of both techniques", and we will continue to innovate to offer the latest trends.

This is a phenomenal new hair transplant method that ensures patients have thicker, more natural hair with less or no pain.

This combination allows patients to benefit from the benefits of both the FUE Sapphire and the DHI method. On the one hand, the use of sapphire blades in the Saphir FUE method to open channels with increased precision increases the chances of achieving higher capillary density. On the other hand, the DHI method is minimally invasive, less traumatic, scar-free, and does not require shaving.

Istanbul Vita has become a leader in the mixing technique and is the only clinic licensed to use this technique. This innovation in the field of hair transplant allows thousands of people to optimize their results and get the hair of their dreams.

Istanbul Vita: Europe's Best Hair Transplant Clinic Unsure Expertise

At Istanbul Vita, we treat hair loss problems through advanced hair transplant methods such as Sapphire FUE, DHI, or the combined MIX technique, which are applied to the patient after a careful and personalized consultation to find the most suitable treatment for their alopecia or general health condition.

When it comes to hair transplant, we have set high standards in terms of safety, cleanliness, guarantee, and precision during the surgical procedure, and we perform more than 10 hair transplants every day.

Our Promises

Our hair transplant services go beyond mere transplanting. They embody an artistic blend of precision and creativity, creating lasting change and transforming the lives of our patients. We promise hair that is both dense and naturally beautiful, this also applies to all types of transplants, whether it's hair, beard, or even eyebrows.

In addition, our commitment also extends to dental procedures, as we are responsible for creating a smile that exudes confidence. We offer crowns, implants, and other treatments for your dental health and aesthetics. Our multidisciplinary approach is a testament to our commitment to providing every client with personalized and exceptional journeys that embody our belief that everyone deserves to look and feel good.

Discovering New Horizons: the Opening of Our New Clinic

Discovering New Horizons: the Opening of Our New Clinic

From the very beginning, we have been committed to providing them with the best possible service and making their best hair transplant in Turkey unique and memorable. We will continue to innovate to discover the latest techniques and trends in hair implants. To meet your expectations, we have decided to open a new clinic where the latest equipment and experienced doctors are waiting for you to make your dreams come true.

New Istanbul Vita Clinic will feature state of the art technology, modern and spacious treatment rooms, and an atmosphere that reflects our commitment to providing a positive and unique experience for every patient. We invite the loving community of Istanbul Vita Clinic to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to set new standards in the field of hair transplant.

We keep the promise to our clients that they will receive a high-quality service as they are our top priority, especially since we will pay more attention to dental procedures in addition to hair transplant in our new clinic in Ataşehir. Hasan Başol, the founder of Istanbul Vita Clinic, said: "To provide a more technological and better service in the next few years, we are currently moving to our new clinic in Ataşehir. It is planned to perform more than 10,000 hair transplants for our clients, and also in this clinic, we would do our best to provide the same excellent service to our clients Dental. Hopefully next year we will be here as the best hair transplant in Turkey or Europe and see each other here again."

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about hair transplant and get a free consultation with our medical experts.