Austrian Media ORF TVTHEK's Hair Transplant Journey to Vita
Hair Restoration Monday 26th of February 2024

Istanbul Vita in the Spotlight of the Austrian Media ORF TVTHEK

Austria's most important TV channel, ORF TVthek, has broadcast a documentary about hair operations in Turkey, which has become the world leader in hair transplantation, through Istanbul Vita. In this documentary, ORF TVthek talked about the hair transplant process in Turkey and why it is attractive to have a hair implant here.

While explaining this issue to the viewers, ORF TV preferred Istanbul Vita, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Istanbul Vita is a hair transplant clinic operating in Ataşehir, Istanbul and has 15 years of experience.

"Hair Transplant Clinic Attracting the Attention of ORF TV: Istanbul Vita is on the Agenda of Austria!" If you want to get more detailed information about it, check out our article.

Austrian Media: ORF TV

He is one of the pioneering leaders in Austrian broadcast media. On the European continent, it was the last country, after Albania, to allow private television permits throughout the country.

ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) is most important national broadcaster of Austrian media. ORF is Austria's largest media provider and operates four national television channels and twelve radio channels. It also offers a comprehensive website. ORF operates as a public foundation under public law.

ORF TV, on the other hand, is the platforms operated by this broadcaster. The platform provides access to a wide range of local content, especially in Austria, as it is managed by the Austrian Radio and Television Corporation (ORF). At the same time, it is growing in popularity in Germany. ORF TV started broadcasting in 1955 and is one of the 3 state channels in Austria.


ORF TVthek offers viewers in Austrian Media and Germany a flexible viewing experience, allowing access to regional television content via a digital platform.

The platform provides access to a wide range of local content, especially in Austria, as it is managed by the Austrian Radio and Television Corporation (ORF). However, it is also growing in popularity in Germany, as users have easy access to a large library of programs and content spread across various categories. ORF TVthek offers viewers in Austrian Media and Germany a flexible viewing experience, allowing access to regional television content via a digital platform.

ORF TVthek is a video platform offered by ORF and offers more than 200 ORF TV programs as live streaming and video-on-demand. It offers a variety of content such as news, magazines, documentaries, debates, culture, sports, shows, comedies, movies, series, regional and children's programs. There are also video archives that provide a glimpse into the ORF archive on topics related to the history of time and culture.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Many people, especially living in the European region, prefer this country due to Turkey's superior success and quality in Istanbul hair implant. This increased interest has caught the attention of ORF TV, one of Austrian media channels.

Recently, the fact that Turkey has been preferred so much in hair transplant Turkey and its outstanding success and development in this field has attracted the attention of the Austrian media. This is the underlying reason for the increased interest.

Why is Turkey so in demand for hair operation? What is the reason why people from many parts of the world, especially from Europe, go to Turkey for hair operation? Seeking answers to such questions, the Austrian media - ORF TVthek examined the hair surgery sector in Turkey in detail by examining the Vita Istanbul hair transplant clinic.

They are researching hair transplant clinics to have this experience and find answers to their questions by having a hair transplant Turkey, and Vita Clinic Istanbul attracts their attention.

İstanbul Vita

Vita Clinic Istanbul stands out as an important clinic in the field of hair transplant Turkey. The clinic operates with the mission of providing the best service to its customers with an expert team using modern technology.Vita Istanbul, which attracted the attention of the Austrian media, hosted the ORF TV team and revealed step by step how Istanbul hair transplant operations are carried out.

Vita, one of the most prominent hair implant clinics in Europe and Istanbul, has been standing out with its unique service in the field of hair surgery for many years. His clinic in Atasehir is home to a staff that has proven its expertise in hair operation with 15 years of experience.Vita Istanbul has the mission of providing the most natural results to its patients by using modern technologies and advanced surgical techniques.

This clinic is known for its excellence in hair operation, not only regionally but also throughout Europe. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing personalized service,Vita Clinic provides a quality and reliable health experience to patients from all over Europe. With its achievements in the field of hair implant and its prestige in the international arena,Vita Istanbul continues to be a reliable choice for individuals struggling with the problem of hair loss.

ORF TV's Istanbul Vita Visit

The ORF TVthek team made a special visit to Vita Clinic and followed the process from the beginning to the end of the hair operation. ORF TV team had the opportunity to offer informative content to viewers who are curious about how Istanbul hair transplant operations are performed in expert hands and the details of this process, by opening the doors of Istanbul Vita Clinic.

The services offered by Istanbul Vita were shared in detail, and the ORF TVthek team investigated the reasons behind choosing this clinic. The information provided about Vita Clinic hair transplant services helped individuals living in Europe understand why they prefer Turkey.

 In particular, the Sapphire FUE & DHI Combined hair implant technique applied by Vita Istanbul and the clinic's service in a hospital environment were at the top of their preferences. ORF TV viewers got acquainted with how a clinic specializing in hair transplant Turkey works by watching it step by step.

During this special visit, the ORF TV team was a guest of Vita Istanbul clinic and had their own employees perform hair surgeries and recorded the procedures with cameras. Viewers were provided with a clear perspective on how to choose a clinic in Turkey that specializes in this field, showing them in detail the experience of a real hair surgery. This documentary left positive repercussions in the Austrian media in order to highlight Turkey's superior quality in Istanbul hair transplantation and Istanbul Vita's leadership in this field.

ORF TV THEK Team's Hair Transplant Experience in Istanbul Vita

Intrigued by ORF TV, Istanbul Vita hosted two representatives of the Austrian media in their clinic, allowing them to perform the hair operation. This special experience formed the basis of a special program of ORF TV, which will meet with a wide audience and bring the hair surgery process to the screen in detail.

Interviews Before Hair Transplantation

Two representatives of ORF TV had a detailed preliminary interview with the expert team of Vita Istanbul and received information about the hair operation. Aiming to achieve patient satisfaction and accurate results, the Vita Clinic team sincerely answered the questions of ORF TV representatives and explained in detail the preparations to be made before hair surgery.

Recording the Hair Transplant Operation

The ORF TV team followed the hair operation performed by Istanbul Vita's expert team step by step. Detailed interviews with the patient before the operation, the technological equipment used and the process from the beginning to the end of the operation were meticulously recorded with ORF TV cameras. Viewers were presented with important tips on what those who are considering a Istanbul hair transplant Turkey should pay attention to.

The ORF TV team was equipped with a special permit at the clinic to record every stage of the hair operation. Every detail, from the beginning of the hair surgery process to the removal of hair follicles and the transplantation process, was carefully recorded with professional cameras. In this process, it was brought to the screen in detail how Vita Clinic creates a synergy with modern technology and expert team and provides a safe and effective service to its patients.

Patient Satisfaction and Recovery Process

Two representatives of ORF TV stayed in Istanbul Vita for a few more days after the hair surgery operation in order to evaluate the satisfaction of the patients and follow the recovery process. During this time, the comfort level of the patients, post-operative care, and the support services offered by the clinic were examined in detail.

Publication of the Program and Introduction of Istanbul Vita

ORF TV broadcast the hair treatments experience they performed in Vita Clinic in a special program format. This program introduced the quality and expertise of hair implants to a wider audience by conveying to the audience how the hair implant process works with a real experience. The success story of Vita Clinic has become even more well-known in the international arena under the leadership of the Austrian media.

This special hair treatments experience performed by ORF TV in Istanbul Vita emphasized Turkey's leadership in the hair treatments sector and once again demonstrated the outstanding success in this field. Vita Clinic continues to prove its reliability and quality in hair implant both in Turkey and internationally.

Istanbul Vita's Quality Standards

ORF TV focused on the quality standards of Vita Clinic in hair operations, focusing on the technological devices used in the clinic and the experience of the expert staff. It was emphasized that Istanbul Vita provides services in accordance with international standards and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Istanbul Vita's Hair Transplant Techniques

ORF TV examined the hair transplant techniques of Vita Clinic Istanbul in detail. In particular, the Sapphire FUE & DHI Combined hair transplant technique applied by the clinic came to the fore because it allows hair operations to be performed more naturally and effectively. ORF TV explained to its viewers the contribution of these techniques to the hair implant process and why they are preferred, clarifying Istanbul Vita's expertise in hair treatments.

Services for International Patients

ORF TV also focused on the special services offered by Vita Clinic to international patients.The services provided for patients coming from Austria to Turkey to communicate comfortably and to feel at home in the clinic were emphasized as an important advantage for patients coming from Europe. Istanbul Vita's multilingual staff and international patient coordination team help guests have a smooth hair treatments experience in Turkey.

Patient Testimonial and Feedback

ORF TV has also devoted a large space to testimonials and feedback received from previous customers of Vita Clinic Istanbul. It was emphasized that the clinic has a high customer satisfaction rate based on successful hair treatments operations. Istanbul Vita's positive comments and patient experiences on online platforms provide ORF TV viewers with a concrete look at the reliability of the clinic, reassuring potential patients.

As a result, ORF TV's documentary, in which Vita Istanbul hair operations and experience in the clinic were examined in detail, emphasized Turkey's leading position in the hair surgery sector and reinforced the success of Vita Clinic, which stands out in this field, in the international arena. This special documentary, which was broadcast in Austria, highlighted Turkey's leadership in this field by announcing Turkey's superior quality and expertise in hair operation to a wider audience.

Istanbul Vita stands out with the services it offers within the scope of health tourism. The achievements of the clinic in the field of health tourism can be summarized as follows:

  1. International Patient Coordination: Vita Istanbul provides a complete service to patients through its international patient coordination team. Patient consultants take care of patients at every stage, from patient transfer to accommodation arrangements.
  2. Multilingual Staff: The staff of the clinic has the ability to communicate in different languages. This allows foreign patients to feel more comfortable and communicate in Turkey.
  3. Accommodation Outside the Hospital: Vita Clinic makes the treatment process more comfortable by offering accommodation options outside the clinic to its patients. It provides special advantages to patients and their companions in cooperating hotels.

Hotel Facilities

Vita Istanbul offers comfortable accommodation opportunities to its patients and their companions with the hotels it cooperates with within the scope of health tourism. This cooperation allows patients to go through the treatment process more comfortably and smoothly. Hotel services stand out as follows:

  1. Comfortable Accommodation : The hotels that Vita Istanbul cooperates with offer comfortable accommodation options to patients and companions. Patients and their relatives have a peaceful accommodation experience in clean, tidy and modern facilities.
  2. Transportation Facilities: Istanbul Vita cooperates with hotels, clinics and other important points of transportation. This minimizes the difficulties experienced by patients in transportation during the treatment process.
  3. Special Discounts and Advantages: Istanbul Vita provides special discounts and advantages to patients at the hotels it cooperates with.This makes it easier for patients to access accommodation options that fit their budget.


Istanbul Vita has been honored with various prestigious awards thanks to its outstanding achievements in the health sector and its service provision in accordance with quality standards. These awards, which highlight the clinic's leading position in the industry and customer satisfaction, demonstrate Istanbul Vita's impressive leadership in the field of health tourism. Istanbul Vita, which was selected as the Best Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year at the 2021 Golden Summit Career Awards, continued the same success at the Blue Moon Awards 2022 and proved its superiority in this field. In addition, Istanbul Vita, which was deemed worthy of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic award by the 2023 "European Awards", stands out as a nationally and internationally recognized and respected healthcare institution.


The ORF TVthek team has been very satisfied with the results they have achieved after the news they have made with Vita Istanbul Hair Transplantation Center in the last 6 months. Vita Clinic, which stands out with its expertise in Istanbul hair transplantation and quality service understanding, has exceeded the expectations of the ORF TVthek team. This successful cooperation and the positive feedback obtained led the ORF TVthek team to decide to make a news report about Vita Istanbul again.

The ORF TVthek team was very pleased with the success stories and details about customer satisfaction in Istanbul hair transplantation, which were the subject of their broadcasts. The quality services and aesthetic results offered by Vita Istanbul have gained the trust of the team and led them to decide to cooperate again. This decision once again emphasizes Vita Clinic leading position in the sector and its customer-oriented service approach.